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Well you already know PSN:Jgalm14

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I'll take a Strike Suit Zero Key. If you would be so kind anyway. Kinda cool to do this.

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Count me in Flux PSN: JGALM14

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Really? can you post a link or something?

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I've been playing Persona 4 Arena since launch and twice now while playing with other people from the community we have come across a nice odd stage that seems to pop up randomly. Here is a video that I took with my phone in a hurry in order to get record of it since we failed last time to do so. This stage only last for one round and then it just randomly crashes for no good reason. You can also notice two characters that look like Noel from BB and a character from Guilty Gears or maybe Ragna. It also appears to have a health bar and some sort of super meter in the bottom. I've also tried to find information on it but I was unable to really find any information on it so anything you guys can find on it would be really cool. Also if you have seen this stage before say so in this topic. (excuse the crappy camera work.)

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Hey guys I want in. PSN is JGALM14. :D

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I'm in PSN: Jgalm14

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Well I havent been able to actually play on psn because my router is dying horribly and I have lag but hopefully my new router should be in soon, PSN: JGALM14

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Sign me up for this one. My psn is JGalm14. as for a partner, anyone who is willing to be my partner is fine.

#10 Posted by Servantey (31 posts) -

Well then of course I'm in. PSN JGALM14

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