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@onan: Oh dear god that's scary O_o.... As for my sources, the google mostly. And quite a bit of photoshop offcourse.

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Hey duders, time for another dump!

Monolith room (@Bocam), blue background (@Kaburorne,@QKT) and the black Fez logo (@bananas) as per your request, and a special one I really wanted for my own desktop (took me quite a while this one, liked the idea of Gomez living inside a computer screen ;).


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@MegaMetaTurtle: thank god...

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@ImmortalSaiyan: An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia to deliver a story that may be altered by participants' ideas or actions.

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@Servbot: Locke seems a pretty obvious connection actually.

  • He's the one character in the show who is literally directed by the Island (or the Smoke Monster depending on your point view) for the longest time.
  • He is the only one of the 'numbers' who is courted by the light and the dark sides at the same time.
  • He understands the temporal anomaly and doesn't seem emotionally phased by it.
  • He has a scar over his eye at one point (possibly referencing the 'eye incident' for old Fez).
  • He comes back from the dead to kill belief (and he is a man of faith vs Jack's man of science) and actually effects the change which is needed to push the island's characters forward.
  • He proves that even in death and possession he still has the power to do the right thing.
  • @SeriouslyNow: Are you a wizard?

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    @MikkaQ: Crazy people think these dates refer to:

    • 1955 - Conquest of Space (film) (1955)
    • 1958 - Monkey lost after space flight / Formation of NASA
    • 1960 - The Apollo program was conceived early in 1960
    • 1961 - Yuri Gargarin first man in Space.
    • 1967 - The Outer Space Treaty of 1967
    • 1969 - Apollo 11 - First man on the Moon
    • 1971 - Apollo 14 mission to the moon
    • 1977 - Launch of Voyager 1 space probe
    • 2003 - Columbia space shuttle explodes on re-entry
    • 2005 - European Space Agency announced frozen water found on Mars

    And suggest that these are somehow clues to solving the monolith puzzle (wich I haven't even encountered in the game btw >.<).

    But that does not explain friggin Locke from friggin Lost being one of the image... FFS Phil Fish!

    EDIT: Now there's crop circles in the game. Goddamit.

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    @drowsap: I'm spooked as well, definitely not stopping now though! How awesome would it be if an ARG was the big idea al along? This game has been in production for so long... Maybe there's more stuff in Indie Game: The Movie as well?

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    Story is being uncovered on gamefaqs as we speak... Images of Jezus, dates, Locke from Lost?! Is Fez now some kind of an ARG?

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    Duders, thanks for all the positive feedback!

    I'll deliver on your requests as my thanks. That is, when I get photoshop working on my home comp... You know, 'legally'...

    BTW If anybody could make a screenshot of Gomez's falling animation and post it here, that would be awesome! I'll be making some iphone versions of these the best ones as well.

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