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@rethla: You know, I certainly see your point, but even for a not so clever guy it shouldn't take several months to finalize details (since that's what they said everything was about since the season opened) and read "emails." Also even when managing yourself, there still should be lawyers involved doing the actual work.

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@edgecrusher: I agree that leaving would be insane. But you know. "Ferrari was always my dream as a child", is a sentence you hear way to often, so I'm not convinced of anything until he signs.

If it's just purely money that's the problem, then that's also truly stupid, since he makes millions and millions in advertisement etc. anyway.

I wonder if he's after guaranteed number 1 status in the team and the team wants to stay true to their promises of never letting that happen. (Before mid/end-season at least.)

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The whole situation with Hamilton and his new contract with Mercedes is getting utterly ridiculous.

Every single week there's either a quote from Hamilton himself, Toto Wolf or Niki Lauda saying "This week he'll sign." or "It will be done before Malaysia/China/Bahrain/Spain." Now we moved on to "before Monaco - 100%."

What the hell are they even doing? I hope he finally signs so this stops being a thing and so he doesn't end up at Ferrari, where I really don't want to see him (and I can't imagine Vettel would like that either).

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@ntm: @zeik: Well, I think that if you truly want to understand the story you do actually have to read the books. At least "The Last Wish" and "Blood of Elves" to get a real understanding of the relationship between Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri.

Sure, things will probably get explained quite well in the game (through the in game diary entries at the very least), but it's never going to be as in-depth.

Also they are really good and not all that long (between 250 and 350 pages), so blazing through them before the game comes out shouldn't pose that much of a problem. (I for one followed the advice given here and am right now replaying the first game.) One other thing: If you do have the option to read it in the original language or at least not in the English translation, you might want to do that, because the English one seems quite clumsy and inconsistent (especially in the later books.)

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10 to 20%, since like others already have iterated, everything above seems highly unlikely.

Percentages that high should only be possible if the question was just about free time and not a total of your time or if for some reason you are a homeless, yet still manage to find yourself on this website regularly.

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I voted no on this poll yesterday, then loaded the game up and decided to go through Act 1 again nonetheless.

So I guess I'm a liar, but it was worth it, since as it turns out, I barely remembered anything from Act 1.

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With this schedule F1 is turning into an endurance competition more and more.

If we'll actually get all these races is another question of course...

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It was a pretty damn good show. I don't know if it's my favourite BLLSL or not, but it's close at least.

I just really hope that VinnyVania now actually will return, the cross-country Flightclub will become a thing and maybe even the Blightclub.

Team Evil Brad!

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Giant Bomb, always up with the times. Loving it.

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I've been experimenting with almost every weapon I've found so far (10+) for a little while at least.

The three weapons I've used the most are the Cane, the Hunter's Axe and Ludwig's Holy Blade. I tried real hard to get into the Blade of Mercy, but right now I just don't feel it.

For the guns I stuck with the blunderbuss almost exclusively.