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Worrying about the story in Destiny seems odd to me.

When the want to make a ten year long space epic then story should really matter. I knew these guys didn't give much of a shit but damn did they really drop the fucking ball when they can't even account for the small stuff.

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Mainly when you play as an Awoken guardian? You can only choose between three races but they couldn't customize any story content? Even if it's just a line? So the Awokens are trying to protect their people but they won't even acknowledge the fact that one of their own (technically more than one) is a guardian. Why? I just found it pretty annoying.

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@crcruz3: This is a pretty good blog about why the story bogs it down.

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I remember the camera moving a lot in this game.

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Yeah, I can't get in on PS4 either.

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Space Dandy dub is better than sub. I think that one is an exception. I think dubs have gotten better over the years. Kai actually sounds pretty good.

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I bought it to because I have to know. I'm gonna sell it for Smash Bros. anyway.

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@rowr said:

Are you really butt hurt because you can't exploit the game any more by farming a magical cave?

It seems like people might be stretching themselves as hard as they can to enjoy this game if removing a magical cave leaves them upset about the progression.

People are probably mad that Bungie is treating a symptom while ignoring the cause, making the game more tedious.

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Is raid mode mercenary mode? I remember enjoying that in 4 and 5 quite a bit.