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Just looking at the combat, there's an oddly physical sensation to it that you don't get a lot in these types of games. Like in Devil May Cry, most of your swords just seem to fly through enemies like they're butter. Korra's bending, though? That shit packs a punch. (I guess the Arkham games also have that feeling, but they're a completely different game altogether.)

Try God Hand, punches are HARD as hell (It's also a Platinum game).

Well, it was Clover. Pretty much Platinum before Platinum.

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Looks fine.

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I've been playing Xcom recently so I've been reading the title to myself like the Council leader.

"Gods Will Be Watching, Commander."

It weirds me out how similar that guy sounds to the voice of Optimus Prime.

"We will be watching, Comman-I'LL KILL YOU!" - Optimus Prime, Trans5mers

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I've been playing Xcom recently so I've been reading the title to myself like the Council leader.

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I'll let you know when this is free on PS+!

I think a metacritic score has to be about 70% for them to put it up there. Though that's more of a guideline than an actual hardline rule. Knack is in the 50s.

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Assassin's Creed. I can't not play a console Assassin's Creed.

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@bigjeffrey: Why do you always post the guardians poster in a spoiler block?

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They don't, necro thread, they don't.


I've been seeing that a lot lately, actually; ancient threads somehow being on the front page of the forum. Wonder if there's some bugs popping up.

Maybe a spambot posted in the thread and the post got deleted?

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Rogue Legacy worked really well. For some reason Bastion didn't. That's all I've tried.

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I actually really hated those floating platform stages without Fludd in Sunshine.

But it had this: