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@junkboy0: ya even a week later would of been better, this game does look awesome but a movie game (or that's how most people will see it) going up against the biggest game of the year, bad move.

i'd bet any money that this will outsell mgs on opening week. the average joe doesn't even know what mgs is, and this is exactly the kind of game the average joe goes nuts for. it'll have all the hype, all the marketing, all the cod crowd.

it looks solid too.

You sir, are drunk. The name Metal Gear Solid probably has more cashé in North America and Europe than Mad Max does...unless you are over 35. Is that good? Hell no, because Metal Gear games are for people who peel lead paint of their windows to eat...severe brain damage people....but there is no denying it is known and popular.

I don't know if I should flag your comment or not.

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The story is fairly straight forward so I couldn't imagine why anybody would be confused. My only major problem with the story is that it wasn't as strong as MK9's. Every few minutes it seemed like something crazy was popping off in that game's story. MKX felt like a solid introduction to the next generation of MK fighters. Nothing insane about it. The setup to for the next game makes it seem like it's gonna pop off again, though.

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@rongalaxy: Totally agree with ya there, it's weird that the franchise is so well revered when only 1/3 of the films are actually amazing.

It must be that it has the potential to be so much more than what the majority have been, hopefully JJ will tap into that.

Well, if you think of it as two amazing movies followed by a solid ending that established a vast universe that inspired people creatively for about 22 years until the prequels came out then that's why people love them. It used to be two amazing movies, a good movie, and all the expanded universe stuff. That's where all the love came from. In reality it's more like 38 years of entertainment where only about 4 of those years were bad. There was still good Star Wars stuff coming out that weren't just the films.

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I feel like the prequels have caused some people to retroactively hate on the originals. Not a majority but enough. It doesn't help that the originals have been fucked with so many times. The originals are classics for a reason. They're so creative with a lot of work put into them.

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This happened to me yesterday. My PS4 won't completely start-up anymore. I tend to turn it off completely before I unplug it, but my friends don't take care of their shit like I do. One of my friends unplugged mine while it was in standby and now it's broken and I have to send it in.

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It's been 5 days since the game came out and I still can't use Goro. I pre-ordered the game on the playstation network. It says I have the content, but it won't let me download it or show me where Goro is on the store (if accessed through the game.) If I go to the store and look at Goro it just says "start". Has there been a fix for this?

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@kashikakes: I am also having that issue. If I go to the store it says I already purchased Goro and launches the game. If i use the in game store it says content not found.

Is there a fix for this, It's been a few days and it won't let me play Goro (aside from a tower mode that forced me to play Goro.)

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I haven't seen any Terminator movies, so I guess I don't have the same information as everyone else, but how is something revealed in the trailer being considered a massive spoiler? I get that a good guy is a bad guy now, but nobody's seen the movie. It could be part of the basic premise and happen in the first five minutes. I dunno I guess!

The last movie had a massive spoiler in the first trailer. A twist that takes half the movie to reveal. It seriously undermines the impact when everyone knows what's gonna happen beforehand.

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@sethphotopoulos: If you're using the cane, put it in sword mode and you should be able to hit the little spiders 3 times from the front and kill them. The first hit will do little damage, the second will do little damage but cause them to rear up exposing their stomach a bit, and the third hit was doing enough to basically one shot them since it was hitting their stomach.

I just wasn't patient enough then.

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I tried to fight the spiders once but just got my ass kicked so I didn't see it as a viable strategy. The weapon I used (cane) didn't seem all that useful since it wasn't a high damage weapon I guess. I really hated this fucker.