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When I read posts like this, I picture a man on top of a milk crate; wearing a cardboard sign and little else, shouting out to indifferent passersby.

Especially with the tone. Sounds like he's scared for his life.

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I watch the video's first and the listen to the podcasts quite a while after everything has been announced.

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It might get annoying during the final talk

This will happen.

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As long as he backs up his opinion with sound arguments

This will not.

I'm a big fan of Brad for 51 weeks of the year but man when GotY podcast time comes around it goes bad. I have no doubt Destiny will be getting the Brad defense this year. Can't say he's not persistent that's for sure!

The Skyrim vs. Saint's Row debate was a grueling one. An entire version of Skyrim is broken but Saint's Row the Third has a couple of glitches so it didn't deserve the Goty? I don't mind Skyrim beating Saint's Row but "Saint's Row was buggy" was not the argument to make against Skyrim.

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I can get on my PS3's playstation store but not my PS4's.

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I'm starting to hear that "consoles are dying" now. Not nearly to the level that PC's were getting but it's there.

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If that's how you feel about special ed kids I suggest you find a new job or reflect upon what you just said.

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Colbert's had some great guests for his final shows. I'm not much of a rap fan at all, but I enjoyed Lamar's performance.

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Also this Colbert guy seems like a camera hogging knob.

I'm going to assume your excuse for not knowing who Colbert is is that you're not from the US (your use of the word "knob" supports this theory). Not that you've been living under a rock for the past 9 years.

Thank God I'm not ;) and who watches tv these days?

He' a political satirist who parodies right-wing media pundits. He is very well regarded here in the U.S. and he's moving on to replace David Letterman on a very popular late night television program.

His character is supposed to be a self-absorbed asshole with extremely right-wing ideals.

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I'm not sure if I would call Uncharted a waste of talent.

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I can't think of any reason to want to see anything in a theatre anymore.

Even if I cared about going to the theatre they're doing the only thing they can. You can't just ignore a threat that they're going to 9/11 theatres. It's only a movie and has nothing to do with free speech.

Movies are completely covered under free speech. Someone wrote it. That's a dangerous viewpoint you're flirting with there.

People throw around the term "free speech" all willy nilly without actually understanding what it means. Sony has the freedom to make whatever they want just as a theatre has to freedom to not show whatever movie they want for whatever reason they decide. No one is going to jail for making The Interview. Sony also has the freedom to deliver the movie in whatever form they want by any means they want.

Where does North Korea fit into your tired example of what everyone has the freedom to do? Because the key thing you're confusing is that Sony and theaters aren't releasing this movie because they have "the freedom to do so". That is a wildly inaccurate way to approach what is actually happening. They aren't releasing this movie because they were threatened to not release it.

Freedom of speech and the first amendment don't shield you from consequences. It shields you from being prosecuted. Sony has the freedom to do what they want with their movie and the government has no say in what they do. They chose not to send it to theatres because they had the choice. Freedom of speech prevents you from going to jail if you tell your boss to fuck themselves in the ass with a Christmas tree but it doesn't prevent you from getting fired.

Should the consequences be terroristic threats though? Should we even have to worry that that would happen for making a dumb movie? Shouldn't we have the reasonable expectation that no one should die over this and that the ones who are punished not be the filmmakers and the theaters but that childish people that are threatening those that wish to to release the movie? Yeah your boss will fire you. That doesn't mean he has the right to shoot you in the head for telling him that stuff.