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@roboculus92: It's not really clickbaity at all. You want clickbaity headlines, check Polygon, Kotaku or Buzzfeed.

I would disagree with you in terms of Sterling's video title not being click baity.

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Seems like I did pretty well.

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I tried a chronological playthrough and stopped halfway through 3. That may have been because I stepped up the difficulty in 3. I never played Ascension but whenever I see it I get tempted. Before MGSV comes out I'll probably marathon all the Metal Gear games I own again. Each year that stack gets larger too.

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I chose Katrien but I unlocked Pincoya today and she is probably the best since I got to the last boss my first playthrough with her.

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They should still make a game based on Infamous 2's evil ending. They can still use Delsin if they wanted. Imagine the powers he can absorb in a world full of conduits.

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@you_smell_dude said:

Code for PS4: JLFQ-E8NC-68AR

Code for PS3: EK2M-96N8-65KC

I redeemed the PS4 code. Thanks man!

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Got an American PS4 and wouldn't mind having a code.

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Yo. If you used the codes say you did please. None of these work now.

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That's good. The default harddrives are 8gb and 32gb.