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I like God of War.

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If Destiny is an MMO, it won't have a sequel. Sequel to MMO systems are killers because they split the base and make both games smaller. If Bungie knows anything about the market, they will never think about doing a Destiny 2.

They'll make a Destiny 2. If they're talking about ten years of Destiny then there'll be a Destiny 2. Probably because Activision will make or them or maybe because they don't know how to make an mmo.

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This makes me wanna get both and I don't like fighting games or have an Xbox 1.

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Watching the Extra Life archives. I figured there would be a GB drought though was hoping it'd start later. I'm playing Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and SUPERKH2TURBOHDREMIX

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Why does the game look like it runs at 2fps? This is early days of Red Vs. Blue level of machinima bad.

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I try to get to the end of each section of Tartarus in as few days as possible. That part where you can't go any further because the floors are blocked off. If you can make it to the end then you could probably stop going to Tartarus without worrying about your level.

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Let's get mad about stupid shit. Probably my least favorite part about GOTY stuff.

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I know someone who almost cried over this news. Is there a rivalry between UFC and WWE fans?

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Don't be so sure it'll still be turn-based. When these games move to consoles, it's pretty common for them to change genres. I've never liked Persona/SMT, though...

You're right that we know almost nothing of P5, but there's no doubt in my mind that it'll still be turn based.