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Hopefully, this will be up online somewhere soon but CNN just aired some audio of the Michael Brown shooting. Darren Wilson fired 11 shots. Six shots, pause, five more shots.

Experts assume it is a hoax:

Apparently the company that owns the app verified that the recording was made by a Ferguson resident at 12:02 August 9th which was when Michael Brown was shot.

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It's scary how easy it is to get the swat on you even if there is a severe lack of evidence. Hell, people get attacked by swat only for them to figure out they got the wrong house. I think the problem stems from more than just a bunch of internet assholes.

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We already have GTA. Saint's Row should continue to be crazy.

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Is there any information on how that bomb threat went for them?

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Does this mean Mario Kart 9 is gonna be Super Kart Bros?

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@brodehouse: How about this.

"I have a sexual fantasy of being utterly dominated and put into a situation where almost all autonomy has been stripped from me" - this is okay

Yeah that's fine.

"I have a sexual fantasy of utterly dominating someone and having them in a situation where they've given me complete autonomy over them" - YOU'RE DISGUSTING

Actually that's ok too because THEY GAVE THEIR CONSENT!

"I have a sexual fantasy of having my clothes torn off in a public place" - this is okay

Remove the public part and it'd be completely fine. Do it in public and you get into the muddy waters of public indecency where other people will be exposed to something that may or may not want to see it.

"I have a sexual fantasy of tearing people's clothes off in a public place" - YOU'RE DISGUSTING

Go back to that public indecency and you have problems there but if you get consent from the ones you're tearing the clothes off of then that's fine. CONSENT IS IMPORTANT! IT IS ASSAULT AND WRONG OTHERWISE!

If you're being public about wanting to rape people or molest children then I'd call you a disgusting individual unless you're asking for help. Beyond that everything is a gray area though. You have me rethinking my assumptions on why I thought it was disgusting. Because either way I'd advocate for it's right to exist because the characters are polygons. No one is actively being harmed either though it may perpetuate the acceptability of such acts. It also has the possibility of giving individuals that would go out to do heinous crimes like that an outlet so it may reduce such incidents. So you've given me a lot to think about.

Edit: Also I don't think that's what this game is.

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That's not how it was marketed so I can see the confusion. I thought the game was disgusting until I saw the quick look.

I am routinely offended when people want to classify any form of sexuality or content that is sexually titillating for one group or another as 'disgusting'. People want to say 50 Shades of Grey is 'disgusting', they want to say Project Diva is 'disgusting'. You're an adult, stop being disgusted by other people's cheap thrills.

I mean, I'm going to the moderators to make sure you never get to say that word ever again never ever ever.

It had more to do with beating people up and ripping their clothes off like a sexual assault simulator that the game ended up not being and I made that judgement a little too fast off of one trailer and its one sentence description. 50 shades is about consensual sex. Project Diva seems to actively try and dissuade people from looking at Miku sexually so I don't think it is even the same thing.