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It would be nice.

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Sorry to hear you're leaving.

Good luck in the future!

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Bummer, I really liked that last one but I'm not buying an XBox for Tomb Raider... while I will buy a PS4 for Uncharted.

I'm not messing with PC games, never have. Every time I hear the guys on the podcast talk about how much easier gaming on PC has become, I kinda laugh because within the same pod they usually have also spent a bunch of time talking about some weird PC quirk or setup bullshit. Yes, it has gotten easier, but still not that easy. I could figure it out, but have neither the time or the desire to do so.

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Buckaroo Banzai.

And a time travel triple:

Quantum Leap.

Another Back to the Future.

Bill and Ted.

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Yep, JP3 over Lost World any day.

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I have a question.

If you could pay 60 dollars, and then once every year Giant Bomb mailed you a disc (or bunch of discs) with all of the premium content for that year loaded on there, would you prefer that to your subscription? Right now, you're paying for the content and you don't even own it. My sub ran out (and based on Vinny+Alex and Dan+Jeff videos, I think I'm gonna re-up) and I no longer have access to a number of cherished videos. But if you had the discs, they'd be yours and no one could take them away from you. Also, you'd be able to put it on your shelf, which seems to be important.

Are you for transferring your subscription to a one-time transaction for a physical good that you can use whenever you want?

If you have a subscription, you can download the videos. Voilà, Cherished videos saved and available whenever you want them.

For me physical versus digital (on games) is simple, what is the cheapest earlier?

My budgeting, I give myself one full price game a year on release.

The rest of the time I wait. Many times I can get physical copies of games that came out 3-4 months ago for 30 bucks. If I wait for the inevitable holiday sales, cheaper still. The digital versions can take two years or more to hit that price (talking console stores, I don't PC game or use Steam).

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@zomgfruitbunnies: I thought the same thing at first... then I realized: I'm probably better off not knowing.

Back to ignoring the forums!

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-Like @crithon said, Zombies Ate My Neighbors (I still have the music stuck in my head sometimes).

-Fear Effect (one or two).

-Lode Runner (any would do but most likely the the weird polygonal N64 one)

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Wow, insane news to wake up to! Weird to see two coasts going when, to me, it seems they were still getting the main office fully fleshed out and running since the buyout.

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As long as I can get a subscription without the coupon (which you now can with the current promotion). Because as much as I want GB merchandise, fuck the shipping they charge for a T-shirt.

Haha, jesus. I know someone who was waiting for a sale to get a membership. I never even saw this mentioned anywhere on the site and now it's sold out. Great!

Yeah, welcome to everything that ever gets sold here.

You know what, add that to my list. Stop doing bullshit promotions where you sell 1000 of something and don't even advertise it anywhere. Put up an article on the front page, say "alright here's the signed poster order/new limited run tshirt/whateverthefuck. it'll be available for order for the next two weeks at [link to store]." I can guarantee that nobody is going to give a fuck that their shirt took an extra six weeks to ship because you had to get the orders before you printed them. I've missed both signed posters and several limited-run t-shirts because they either weren't advertised, or they were advertised everywhere but the site itself and by the time I found out about them they were sold out. It's honestly a joke that a site with this many members would run a store the way they do.

I'm not trying to blast Rorie, because most of it happened before he got here, but the newest signed poster did happen seemingly under his command, and that was just the latest in a long line of mismanaged merchandise sales.

To be fair, if you watched the archive of the latest Vinnyvania, Rorie mentioned it there.

That's kinda the whole problem. I shouldn't have to watch two hours of a random installment of a premium video feature that I may or may not be interested in (or follow them on twitter or tumblr or mixlr or whateverthefuckelse they're on) to get news about that kind of stuff. There's no excuse for it not being an article on the front page of the site itself.

Exactly. Doesn't even have to be a whole article even. Just a runner at top with a link, like you said. A lot of times it feels like they think everybody reads/looks at everything on the site, and some probably do, but not everybody. Hell, I still remember the whole confusing "podcast will be broke into two" thing. Big announcement on podcast about it, and then.... nothing ever happened (which was good). But, I never really knew what happened or why it was dropped until like a year later, when I believe it was Dave who randomly made fun of it during a podcast. I also even think they sometimes forget when they are doing it what content is subscriber and which is free. The obvious gets missed sometimes. I recall Jeff making fun of themselves one time for taking forever to simply get a shirt/hoodie with just the normal site name and logo available on the store.

For me personally though, the no ads thing alone is enough for me to keep subscribing, Fuck ads.