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I remember when this game came out, I think it was last March.  I wanted to buy it, but I figured that if I waited a few months the price would go way down.  After all, pretty much every DS game goes down to less than $30 or even $20 sooner or later.  Then, last week, I remembered about this game, so I went onto Amazon to buy it, and it's $60 new, and at least $35 used.  Other websites are just as expensive.  I guess it's the kind of game that didn't sell very well initially, so Sega stopped production of it before it started to pick up some steam and earn some fans.  Too bad, but I'll definitely be looking out for this one.

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Yeah, it's Jumping Flash.  Thanks to the people who actually took this seriously. 
I'm trying to improve my PS1 collection, so I'm trying to find the games that I wanted but couldn't buy back when I was younger.

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Hi, I need help with the name of a game.  I think it was for PS1 or the Saturn.  It was a 3D platformer where you jump around in a first-person perspective.  For some reason I think that you played as a rabbit. 
Sorry about the vague details, but I can't remember much about this game.

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Yes, I'm playing it now actually.  I never played the original Klonoa on PS1, so I never knew that it more or less invented the 2.5-D perspective.  It's a fantastic game; certainly one of the best 2-D platformers I've played.  It's lots of fun,  and it has great graphics.  The story is also absolutely ridiculous, but it's fine for such a cartoony, childish game.  My only complaint is that it's a little bit on the simple side in terms of gameplay.  I guess it didn't sell too well, because I haven't heard much about it since it came out.  Even so, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes platforming games.

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I also don't really understand what Gabe Newell meant with the quote about Game Cubes and Macs.  The Gamecube was actually considered to be easier and more accessible to develop for compared to its competition, (PS2 and Xbox) whereas Apple typically wants to control what is accessible through their devices.  Obviously this is truer of the iPods and iPad than it is of their computers, but you get the idea. 
More to the point, though, I've always thought it odd of Valve to completely disavow the PS3.  They have made games on Xbox and PS2, so clearly they don't hate consoles.  The fact that they aren't even willing to touch the PS3 reflects badly on them.  It seems like they aren't even capable of making a PS3 game.  Admittedly, it is a more complicated system to develop for than Xbox 360; it's also a much more powerful system, which is seemingly what scared them away.  Anyway, I don't have an Xbox 360, and my computer probably won't be powerful enough to play Portal 2 properly.  I'm glad that Portal 2 is coming to PS3 because I'm a fan of the original, and hopefully this means that the inevitable Half-Life 3 will make it to PS3. 

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@Vito_Raliffe: What do you think?  Are the graphics on 3DS as good as the PS2 version?  It's been too long since I played this, so I can't really tell.  They're definitely better than Peace Walker, which probably has the best graphics on the PSP.
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This new 3DS looks so awesome, but unfortunately there is one big problem with it.  When I saw that there will be a port of Metal Gear Solid 3, I wondered how you will be able to control the camera.  After all, that was really the only problem with the original Snake Eater, which they fixed in the Subsistence version via a dynamic third person camera controlled by the right analog stick.  I can't believe Nintendo would be dumb enough to no include two analog sticks.  Isn't that what has held the PSP back all this time? Then again, I am inclined to believe that Nintendo's game designers are geniuses who would have no problem working around the lack of an analog stick.  Either way, I'll likely be buying this thing the day it comes out, along with MGS3.

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It feels weird not to call it Natal.  They should have just kept that name, because of how much traction it had already gained.  It doesn't matter, though; both this and the Move will probably fail.

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I think PS3 has better exclusives.  I also like its controller better, and its graphics are better.  Also, I just can't convince myself to buy something that, according to statistics, will break.

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Yes, I do think Natal will suck, but not because I hate motion controls.  I play games on my Wii all the time, and I think that when they are used correctly, motion controls are far superior to traditional controls.  My problem with Natal is that I just don't understand how it is possible to play a real video game (e.g. not a mini game) without a physical controller.  How will you ever do something as simple as move a character?  It just doesn't work. 
However, I think that the Playstation Move has tremendous potential.  Basically, it's a Wii with better graphics and a more responsive controller.  Although Sony may be re-inventing the wheel, we already know that the Wii at least works.