So fun story.

I'm doing a panel on my show on whether or not video games are mainstream. It was easy to find people who say they aren't. Finding people who have the supposedly mainstream idea that video games are art has been a gigantic hassle. I'm not sure if most people who say it don't really have conviction on it or they're just on edge going on a show thats discussed psychedelic nazi porn.

Any ways I've seen people shout on forums that video games are art, but discussing it somewhat professionally on a panel seems to be too much commitment to the idea. I'm a tad disappointed here.

Well anyone on Giant Bomb Willing to Defend the idea?

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Posted by Brodehouse

Video games are art. Because of course they are.

Posted by SexualBubblegumX

Video games are art. Because of course they are.

You may want to expand that, please.

Posted by Yummylee

James Franco spreadin' truthssssss.

Posted by MB

@sexualbubblegumx: There is at least one "are video games art?" topic per month. Here's a quick search...there are thousands of replies for you to read through, but I don't think it needs to be rehashed in yet another new thread.