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@cale said:

I thought a hipster was someone who didn't like things because everyone else liked them, and seeing as Skyrim was almost universally loved it would seem to me that you are the hipster here, sir.

That's actually a contrarian. Theres a difference.

@pause422: Well the thing is, I would of gotten the PC version over the Console version, but forcing a steam install bothers me. So I went with the lesser of two evils and gave up mods. Also I don't like the menu system, and I understand completely why theres multiple mods fixing it. If only Steam wasn't forced I would of gotten the PC version, and admittedly it likely would of had mods fixing most of the things that bother me outside the plot.


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When did people stop considering Diablo 2 an RPG? o.0 Back when I played it everyone said it was hack n slash style rpg.

I'm starting to honestly think I might actually have nothing in common with this current generation of 'vidya game kids'. And in all honesty, I've really noticed in the past few years the people who scream the loudest on facebook and other social media that they love video games and geek culture are hipsters, Which is sad because when asked over half of them couldn't tell me who Gary Gygax or Richard Gariott are.

I do have to ask you kids, when did things change? I remember when I just started College and people got ripped on for liking morrowind. I have to be honest, did my entire generation of nerds wither off and die, but nobody told me?

Guys I'll come back in a bit but I think I need beer Even though it is really refreshing seeing that there are some other people that don't like bethesda either.

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@sarcasticmudcrab: I actually Loved Kingdoms of Amalur, the combat was incredibly fluid, and I've liked Todd McFarlane's art style since highschool . I still dust off Dragon Age: Origins some times too. I've Also spent an immense amount of time when I was younger playing Diablo 2. So theres definately WRGS I like. Although I thought Capcom made Dragons Dogma, so that would make it a Jrpg ot does location not dictate that anymore?

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For the OP.

Brad be gettin' bitches.

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@corruptedevil: Weirdly I didn't find the world that big, in some ways Final Fantasy 6 rivals it when you think of how limiting 16 bit must have been. Fast Travel makes it seem smaller too.

@necromongo: I refuse to let the game win. Worst case scenario I'll just be in a psych hospital for a month or two. I've also been Trying to discuss and analyze it for my show on a shoutcast channel. So it's sort of like how Spoony plays a game he hates.

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And I can Officially say The Elder Scrolls is awful. Considering I hated fall out 3, Bethesda just sucks at making rpgs.

I will never understand the love this game gets. The combat is stiff and boring, everything is designed to be as time consuming as possible and nothing I do really has an impact on the world. This might be needless nitpicking but the voice acting is absymal, half the time the voice actors sound like the Swedish chef from the muppets. Sure Oblivions class system was a trainwreck, but the skill trees here are pretty poorly designed. Plus, Runescape's skill system was terrible a decade ago and it's still terrible now.

Runescape mixed with a bad quake mod should not get this kind of praise.

Before anyone asks, yes I played Morrowind... I hated it too.

Bethesda needs to go back to making Wheres Waldo games.

I'm not trying to troll, I'm actually just flabbergasted this series gets so much praise when it's seems Todd Howard learned nothing from Gary Gygax. Can some one just tell me, is this series for histpers or something? Every single time I've played a Bethesda Game, I hated every minute of it. Just everything I learned in nearly 20 years of playing D&D, everything I learned when Square still had talent.... TES just ignores all those common sense ideas regarding gameplay and story telling. I just can't understand what anyone sees in this series. For me it's like a DM put all of his effort into the setting and lore for the campiagn, then came up with some custom concepts for character leveling that weren't well thought out last minute and he makes every adventure ten minutes before a game without any thought on how to actually provide a challenge to a player or how to make a scenario interesting, preventing me from caring about any of the lore he put effort into because the actual game play isn't fun.

Please people stop giving this company money D:

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Oh hai! I'm a shady stoner dickbag, anyone wanna blare metal and smoke some weed?

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It's not that uncommon for butchered ports to happen. So it makes sense for a dev studio to not bother due to risk of the port being a glitchy mess.

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2-3 hours usually. Depends on the game though.

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MechWarrior Online. Because nostalgia is helluva drug.