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I knew about rooting but I didnt know that you don't even have to root to install not market apps

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Maybe they're not making the game crash if it's pirated so it's not noticeable by crackers. So that people who do pirate it will just not play it. Also I heard some apps do too.

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For me personally no. But my school is switching to iPads from textbooks this year.

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I was going to say iPhone 4s as well. But it's your decision. But I love my phone. There's so much you could do with it. Plus if jail broken it can do so much more. I have a triforce instead of At&t.; Anyways from looking up the HTC evo 4g I can say it sounds pretty awesome. But once again I'll go with IPhone.

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Back on topic anyone? I typed a word wrong. I don't even know why I typed tooken. At the time I was thinking of tookin'. Then I typed an e and missed it.

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So I used to be a frequent 360 gamer. Then I decided to get minecraft for my pc. I couldn't run it so I thought I'll get a new graphic card. That did the trick. Then I thought what else can my pc handle? So i got Crysis 1 and 2, Saint row the third, command and conquer, spore, and so on. I barley touch my Xbox 360 anymore. Maybe it's because pc can do better graphics or I don't know. I even use my wired Xbox 360 controller for pc gaming and yet I prefer the pc. Only time I actually play my console is when I want to play minecraft Xbla edition or cod with friends.

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Nah dude.

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^There you go.

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...No. The closest Pokemon to a human is either mr.mine or jynx. Just cause supposedly humans evolved from monkeys doesn't mean the same in the pokemon world. Also look at primate... He's a head with arms and legs, no body at all! If anything they evolved from jynx. She is part of the 151 Pokemon so it's possible.

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@RPGee said:

Well none of us have much authority on this matter, do we?

I summon ! What does thou think of thine's three-dimensional portrait?

All in all, I think this is pretty good. Well done, sir, I am impressed.

I was sleeping... But now SexyToad is awake! I say that 3d model of Toad is pretty awesome once again