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It's so so I guess. Im not much of a metal fan, but I'm one big Zelda fan. Also I bet that someone's going to post a picture of an actual metal fan.

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I as well.

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I'll listen to his stuff later tonight, since I like a bit of r and b

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Or they should play whatever difficulty they feel like, start with hard, too hard? Then go in too normal, to hard? Then to easy. Then they could say how hard is challenging and how they couldn't do it so they had to change the difficulty.

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You might be able to punch a reporter.

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Well MattyFTM solved your problem, I guess I'm not needed anymore.

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Do you play any other games on your pc?

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I am looking for a portable Internet service. Now the reason in asking this is because I cannot game online. My home Internet has a down of ~1.2mbs and a ping of ~1000ms. We can't find faster Internet where we live. But before we got the Internet I have now, we tested out Verizon wireless portable Internet had a ping of 120 I believe and a down of 1.5ish. The reason we didn't keep that one was because we had a 5gb limit and we couldn't live with that. But I am wondering how much data does gaming online take? I'll be playing games like minecraft, cod, and command and conquer. Also do you duders know of cheap portable Internet that has a decent ping, a down of at least 1mbs and has enough data limit?

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I didn't know there was a conflict. I play pc and console.

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And post a screen shot.