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I never had a membership. What are the benefits?

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Everybodys choosing quality.

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Hello everyone! I am starting out into the world of pc gaming! But here's the problem. I need a low profile graphic card. I tried playing some 3d games on my pc and they just look terrible. I've been looking around but can't seem to find the one. Can any one show me a good low profile graphic card? Preferably on newegg or amazon.

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Shame on you

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Ah ha! I am the first post so I can explain the rules! Well this isn't Facebook twitter or anything else like that. You must start a topic that entices conversation. Also your topic can't be what you drank and what your planning to eat. That's even dumb for me. But welcome I'm SexyToad! The sexiness

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Hello once again. I would still like you you to do fallout new Vegas. Also the dlcs if you can. I thought it was a great game for me but I'm interested in if other people also enjoy like I did

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Hello people. Yes yes today is not the fifth but currently I am at a cinco de mayo parade thingy. It just kinda of a bunch of stands. A band. Soccer game. But first the stands are nothing but food stands. Just tacks. A few overpriced toys stand. The band is good. It's just a random Mexican one. The soccer game was disappointing. It was a street game but with a ref... And nobody were doing tricks. I was expecting to see a nutmeg. I'm just trying to say I was disappointed . It was nothing like last time. What are you people doing for cinco de mayo? Did any of you guys go to a parade thingy?

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In some games you are given three options. You can increase strength, Defence, or things to do with wealth as in how fast you get money. Let's say you had 100 points to distribute. How would you distribute those? Mine would be Strength-80 Defence-10 and Wealth-10

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Going to an amusement park.