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Cry. Cry a lot. At a coffee shop. Alone.

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I love that you invited this girl to coffee even though you don't drink a lot of coffee. You don't have to take the internet's advice that directly man.

I feel like I caused this. It's all on me!

@acidbrandon18 Black coffee is not something most people get commonly. Anything with vanilla is probably a sure bet. Mocha and lattes are great too. Coffee isn't all just the black stuff.

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@johntheautomator: Look at the past Humble Bundles, a lot of the games featured there are sure to be safe bets. My personal favorites are:

  • Bastion
  • FTL
  • Spelunky
  • Hotline Miami
  • Binding of Isaac
  • Braid
  • Mark of the Ninja (Rogue like)

All of these have controller support except for FTL.

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@gabha said:

@supamon said:

Date advice picture. Check.

Touch her shoulder. Check.

Fake your own death. Check.

Actual advice. Check.

You guys make me so proud.

Advice picture was an edit, I feel cheated.

I edited that in less than a minute after, I swear!

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Well it seems you're trying to get to know this girl more on a romantic level? Keep it simple, try to find an activity that will give plenty of time for talking and getting to know each other. Maybe just grab a coffee with her if that's your thing. If you're a bit more musical, go to a local music show. Think of places you would feel comfortable in that will give room for discussion.


This is, of course, needed.

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@doltz said:

Flight clubs!

These! They are so fantastic.

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@eberkain: That Jackie Chan disc is odd. It's actually a poster image.

Would a legitimate game use (or even be allowed) to use the image as a disc cover?

This seems like a spam post, or something explicitly prohibited by forum rules... @mb?

or just someone who forgot/was lazy to link an image?

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Is that what people say about us? :(

I don't think this is commonly said at all. I think the only people who would react to gamers in that way would probably be the older generation. Just keep being yourself and whatnot, it'll eventually die out with the new generations.

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@jimbo said:

What? Who will spy the games now?

You have to take on the legacy, my son.