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I can't see a premium medal on your avatar. Perhaps try logging out and back in?

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@hatking said:

Wonder if they'd prefer users have Chrome with Adblock or use Firefox?

Users who use Firefox can have Adblock anyways.

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@evilsbane: a lot of us have been looking for a server. But a lot of servers are crap :p

What's all the settings did you change?

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We're have a nice population on, come join guys!

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@singular: pvp is on. There's not really any rules regarding it, an unspoken rule is don't go out and kill random new players.

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This is great

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Not much players on right now, cmon in, dudes!

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I hear that the removal of zombies is near completion, according to their trello page. It'll be a shame seeing them go but I'm excited to see how they replace the loot system the zombies controlled.

Rumor also has it that the next update may be required a wipe. But let's hope for the best and hope they're just rumors!

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@gigaram: I would say maybe? :P. On weekends for sure, but weekdays may be iffy for you. If you join when a GB group member is in, we can help you out for sure and possibly let you join our settlement. Here's the server mostly everyone is playing on.

@player1 said:

I'm looking to play a little bit of rust in the near future and I'm sure it would help me make the jump if I had a few duders who played on my friends list. Feel free to add me if you guys still play! steam - french023 or francais

Ill add you! Here's the server most of us been playing on.

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@zombiepie: A lot of GB duders have been starting to play on this Rust server. In fact, the one you linked saids to join this one. It'll be nice if you can change that up.

Also, great spotlight as usual!