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@the_laughing_man: I have tweeted back two images that proves that the process is automated, it couldn't be the users. I have several more pics like those.

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@lordandrew said:


Beware of Gamewise, a site that would appear to be ripping game info en-masse from other sites without permission -

That will get this some big attention

This is pretty great, I'm sure his 160,000 followers can draw attention.

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Sure, I'll add a link the cached site and to some screenshots.

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Oh no!

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Seems someone posted about this on reddit:

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Okay, I've contacted Huffington post about the article and the writer, Drew Hendricks.

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Oh, sorry I misread your post. I'll look at the site and see if I can find some sort of contact information.

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I sent him a tweet.

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There are alot of pages that were changed. If you view Gamewise's companies pages, most of the companies have no description. After viewing the cached version, nearly all of the companies have some ripped content.

Edit: Look here