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@winternet: I'm not sure if you saw those pictures up there^

Giant Bomb messed up the formatting, so I was fixing them.

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Okay, ready for something pretty cool? I was looking for more pages, but couldn't find any, they covered up their tracks. Well google cached remembers ALL!


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@jakob187 WHAT DID I JUST SAY!

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If anyone does find more pages, I recommend not saying it out loud, upload a screen shot on a separate site, and send it to snide.

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They cleaned up a lot of stuff. I can't find anymore pages easily. I have screen shots of over 10.

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Meh, fine, it probably won't get passed moderation anyways.

Also if you guys haven't seen this:

This pictures were uploaded on my profile but yet the pages were deleted shortly after.

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Edit: never mind, it's probably a bad idea.

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Aaaaand they are even spying on my profile, it seems they've deleted some pages that I took screen shots of, and sent to Dave. I guess I'll just find even MORE and upload them through Dropbox. But for today, I'm going to sleep.

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Yup, those pages seem gone. I'll post the screenshots up tomorrow since I'm on my phone right now.

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I don't think my post got by moderation, but as we saw in this thread, game wise is probably watching. So they "saw" my post.

Also YAY new friend on Xbox live!