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I failed to find any sorts of archive for this thread.

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Wait? The thread is gone? I GOT THIS.

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In Finder, go to Users -> Your Account -> Library -> Application Support -> and then locate Registry.vdf and open it with TextEdit.

In the Registry.vdf file, find the word "Offline" "1" and then replace 1 with 0 and save it. That's it, you should be able to open Steam now, that's how I fixed mine.

This probably would have helped, if the OP posted this today. Check the date, this was 2 years ago.

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I've been having some slow speeds as well. Even on low quality, I have to stop the video and let it load.

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@nickl said:

@istealdreams said:

I like that this guy: replied to Deno546 in this n4g topic:

and then when looking at his posting history, its 90% links to Gamewise:

And then the person that replied to me on the HuffPo says almost word for word the same thing (irony) and they just made their user about 20 min before the response on the n4g page.

Don't forget the part where the guy from the HuffPo comment admitted he read this thread, while it's obvious that an admin was taking down pages as they got mentioned here.

edit: "Brian Berford" made another comment on the article giving 5 examples of non-plagarized content, maybe someone with a HuffPo account should compile him a nice list of some plagarized content.

After spending 30 minutes making one, I posted this:

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@drewh: Thanks for updating it though.

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@pulledabrad: There are plenty of those. To easily find ripped contents, go to a certain category, then click a random letter. Any page that does have content, as in words under the page's name, then it's likely the page has ripped content. I found several this way,

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@the_laughing_man said:

@snide Can we pull a "warriors" and go beat them up?

Of course we can. You know Snide. He's... hardcore.

They don't call him Hardcore Dave for nothing.

Also from what I've seen the process seems to be automated. Since a page on Giant Bomb had a list on the oage of the character. On GameWise, there is the same character page, but the list had been bunched up together. So instead of being:

  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Human Trees

It became:

PotatoesTomatoesHuman Trees

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@jams: If you're into young girls :p

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I found a page on their site, with content that I WROTE.