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I found one more, off to Snide!

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I've made an account there and I'm seeing if I can find some more pages.

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Make sure to get plenty of screen shots so they can't cover up anything.

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Great! I added you two, as you may have already seen.

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So recently I had upgraded my Internet! My ping, which used to be ~1000 ms, is now ~30ms! Anyways I made a new account on Xbox live, but I have to no friends to play games with yet. Rather than add everyone on the Gamertag list, which haven't been updated in a year, I decided to just make a thread.

My Gamer tag is "SxyToadster" I play Cod, Halo, Minecraft, Command and Conquer, and other games. You can either leave your Gamertag below or add me. (Add giantbomb in the message)

Hope to play some games with GiantBomb members soon!

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Hey everyone! Recently I've been playing some hunger games on the PC, but the servers I did find, were really laggy. So I decided to make my own map on the xbla version! I'm hoping I will be done with the map soon. I closed off a portion of the map, built walls, added chests, and so on. So who's up for a match? I'm hoping I can make this into a weekly thing where duders can play and if they want, can help me build the map up a bit. If you do want to participate, leave your gamertag and time zones, so I can start creating a list. I'll also have pictures of the map up once I'm happy with it. It's nothing too fancy yet. You must have at least 25 posts to participate though.

Hello everyone! Recently I decided to create a hunger games map! Well I failed. Anyways I found a maps on YouTube that were available for download. I downloaded it and now it's available for play!

Here's a link to the YouTube video.

It's a pretty grand map. So for those wondering, "what's Hunger games?" its a duel. Players will meet in an arena, where its fight to the death. The objective is to survive and kill other players, there are chests around the maps for the players to find items to help them KILL.

Rules are simple:

  • Don't break blocks other than leaves or vines.
  • Don't be a jerk (cuss at other players or anything like that)
  • Stay at the platform once killed or leave.

I will schedule a time once we have some participants. Minecraft XBLA can hold 8 players, so it would always be 7+I (the host) Post below if you wish to participate, please add your time zone.

If you would like to see the map, feel free to contact me here or message me on Xbox Live at "SxyToadster"

Also feel free to ask any questions.

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I also heard that random minecraft codes will be dropped, unless I misread twitter.

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Snide has address this before, you may be old to Giant Bomb but new to the CBSi login. It's safe to click on.

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I tried once, I sucked at it. So no.

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Lol, what girlfriend or wife. Oh wait, now I feel sad...