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The sIte is adaptive, depending on the browser size, you'll get a different site.

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It's very unlikely that it will not have controller support, a quick google search tells me that it does. As for the community, I have no idea.

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Do you have enough salary to be able to buy stuff like that? If not, then save it, you may need the money later for other stuff.

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You guys should add SxyToadster considering I got new Internet and now can play online!

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PolysterPimp has to be one of them.

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If you find yourself dying often, I would wearing actual armor. It doesn't help your magic skills, but it'll keep you from dying. Later on when you level up, you can get some spells that provide magic armor. Until then, wear normal armor.

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Well supposedly we could wiki edit with an iPad during the beta. They took it off because it wasn't perfect or something like that. I'm hoping it'll be back soon.

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You may be old to giantbomb, but new to the website. It's safe to click on. Most members have, (all of them I think) and brad did cause it.

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^That. Also the redesign was being made before Polygon released their site. It's a coincidence they're similar. I personally don't think they're all that similar.

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Good to hear guys! Just to let you know that subscribers had their subscription increased by two weeks to make up for the problems. It's pretty generous of them I would say.