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I've been regretting buying a ps4 at launch but this totally cements those feelings. I probably would have picked up an xbone if not for microsofts always online bullshit they were trying to push. Sony is really dropping the ball, im starting to consider owning both consoles.

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I would cave and buy it if they did a forza horizon 2 bundle for $350, even though I really am not playing games enough to justify having a PS4 & an XBONE.

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@corruptedevil: This. while I loved the game it's not worth a rebuy unless there is meaningful additional content.

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Argh, they need to release a 360 demo. I loved the first horizon but one game is not enough to justify buying a console for me and I've already got a PS4. XBONE still needs a couple more games to make it worth it to me. Damn first world problems.

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I would buy some but it would appear to be $140 at that link. Ridiculous.

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Another vote for the vmoda m100's, got them for 90 bucks from a brookestone store that was having a closing sale. The one thing that sets the vmoda's apart in my opinion is they've got some sort of mil spec construction, I forget the specifics. These cans are built like a tank, they're sweat, splash, dust resistant etc. I use mine for traveling and certain workouts in the gym if I'm not doing anything real high intensity. Friend had a pair of beats, they broke within 1 month. It really depends what you intend to use them for.

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@gunslingerpanda: Well said, I agree completely. The whole episode was frankly pretty rediculous.

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@tunnelman: I agree with you completely, however, the majority of the anger is about what he thinks ownership by Facebook is going to do to the product and the vision behind the product. To dismiss his view point completely when I'm sure he's much more well informed than any of us (the writer of this article included), AND to basically shame anyone who's skeptical is pathetic and naive. I didn't know it was bad to question things, who knew?

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@feller13: Pretty much. I love how all of you who have zero clue about any particulars of this deal are so quick to dismiss the opinion of a man who has invested 10,000 dollars into the company, and had real BUSINESS, keyword: business, meetings with said company and is positively more aware of what this deal entails than any of you, Patrick included. Talk about "knee jerk reactions".

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I start every work out by moving 2 flat benches about 5 feet apart then doing the splits between them. You're welcome.

On a serious note I typically warm up with 4 sets of 250m row, 25 push up as fast as possible then 4 sets of 1 min crawling on a Jacob's Ladder as fast as possible followed by 50 air squats. Honestly if it were me and I hadn't worked out in a long time and wanted to play it safe, I would just kill myself with body weight exercises for the first 2 to 3 workouts.