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Ok, well, I found a digital upgrade on sale on Amazon for $9. So, I'll take a chance and if it's not that good, I won't eat lunch tomorrow, lol.

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Hey guys, quick question. Still haven't gotten around to upgrading to ULTRA on PC. Only did on my PS3. Thinking about finally getting it on PC, but just wondering how the netcode is. I remember it was kind of ratchet when it first came out, or at least people were saying it was. And I remember capcom said they fixed it, but just being cautious here. I mean, $15 isn't a whole bunch of money, but still... :) Thanks guys!

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@mb: Around $250 on a card.

MB: Asus P8P67


8 GB memory

Corsair 650W power.

Built my PC at the end of 2011 for video games mostly.

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I reckon it's about that time to upgrade my command center, aka, the affordable PC. I own an AMD Radeon 6950 (GDDR5). When getting a new video card, is it smart for one to stick with the same company (AMD in this case) or can I switch to nVidia? Wasn't sure if my computer would reject it, or if I would have to go through some long, arduous process for it to work. I'm a n00b. Also, I'm researching new cards, but any suggestions from you guys as far as best card on maybe a mid-tier to high sort of level as far as price goes? Thanks people!

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Hey guys and gals. I got an 8 hour trip in front of me. Any suggestions on good, older episodes? Even gen I casts would be great. Would love to hear Ryan's sweet voice. :) Thanks in advance homies!

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Thanks guys! Worked!

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Hey guys, I haven't been able to find an answer to this online (maybe I'm not looking hard enough), but does anyone know if you can stop following a players replays? Cuz I hate getting that message all the time that tells me new replays are up. I don't even remember when and who I started following. Probably on accident. Thanks in advance!

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You spelled defense wrong... ;)

I've only owned like 4 games on GC. Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Melee and NBA street v3... so, I'm probably not the best advocate for it. Lol.

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Phoenix feathers...maybe? I dunno, I think I was a bit over-leveled when I got to the very final boss... it was not much of a challenge for me. Up to that point however, I had multiple "I want to throw my controller at the television" moments, lol. Mostly when I had to go through the ice grotto. That seemed like the difficulty just spiked out of nowhere!!

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Yeah, it stutters quite a bit for me too. So, I've been using Youtube... works great there...