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@mb: Around $250 on a card.

MB: Asus P8P67


8 GB memory

Corsair 650W power.

Built my PC at the end of 2011 for video games mostly.

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I reckon it's about that time to upgrade my command center, aka, the affordable PC. I own an AMD Radeon 6950 (GDDR5). When getting a new video card, is it smart for one to stick with the same company (AMD in this case) or can I switch to nVidia? Wasn't sure if my computer would reject it, or if I would have to go through some long, arduous process for it to work. I'm a n00b. Also, I'm researching new cards, but any suggestions from you guys as far as best card on maybe a mid-tier to high sort of level as far as price goes? Thanks people!

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Hey guys and gals. I got an 8 hour trip in front of me. Any suggestions on good, older episodes? Even gen I casts would be great. Would love to hear Ryan's sweet voice. :) Thanks in advance homies!

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Thanks guys! Worked!

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Hey guys, I haven't been able to find an answer to this online (maybe I'm not looking hard enough), but does anyone know if you can stop following a players replays? Cuz I hate getting that message all the time that tells me new replays are up. I don't even remember when and who I started following. Probably on accident. Thanks in advance!

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You spelled defense wrong... ;)

I've only owned like 4 games on GC. Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Melee and NBA street v3... so, I'm probably not the best advocate for it. Lol.

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Phoenix feathers...maybe? I dunno, I think I was a bit over-leveled when I got to the very final boss... it was not much of a challenge for me. Up to that point however, I had multiple "I want to throw my controller at the television" moments, lol. Mostly when I had to go through the ice grotto. That seemed like the difficulty just spiked out of nowhere!!

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Yeah, it stutters quite a bit for me too. So, I've been using Youtube... works great there...

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RIP Ryan Davis. I feel you would approve of this picture!!

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.......!!!!WHAT!!!!???!?!? How is this even...!! I can't even understand this! RIP, Ryan Davis.