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Phoenix feathers...maybe? I dunno, I think I was a bit over-leveled when I got to the very final boss... it was not much of a challenge for me. Up to that point however, I had multiple "I want to throw my controller at the television" moments, lol. Mostly when I had to go through the ice grotto. That seemed like the difficulty just spiked out of nowhere!!

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Yeah, it stutters quite a bit for me too. So, I've been using Youtube... works great there...

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RIP Ryan Davis. I feel you would approve of this picture!!

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.......!!!!WHAT!!!!???!?!? How is this even...!! I can't even understand this! RIP, Ryan Davis.

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I guess I'm the only one around here (at least on the top of the comments) that isn't crazy about the new site layout. Reminds me too much of every other gaming news/review site.

Yeah, I don't really like it either...

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I already have it as well... just helping bump this.

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Hey, thanks a bunch guys! Appreciate all the insight.

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So, I figure it's about time I dusted out my rig. This is my first gaming comp, so I don't have experience with the process. I have heard people on the internets, and my friend as well, say that using a leaf blower is ok to use. The only reason I would want to consider this route is that it seems fast, and efficient. Does anyone know if it really IS SAFE, and if there is something to avoid when using a blower. Other than that, if it isn't, I'll just go the normal route and buy compressed air cans... Thanks guys.

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@zoskia said:

not fallout 4. do not want.

Well, it says its being developed at Zenimax Online Studios. So, let us hope that means Bethesda is indeed working on Fallout 4. One can hope.

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Isn't there already an official "Am I the only one..." thread?