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project343 said:
"I'm wondering how many players it'll support. The map editing trailer suggested that there would be 32 players, but that may not be the set number for consoles."
I feel like i've heard it's going to be 16 players for the consoles.
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Like everyone else said.  When you can actually grow one in.  Not just in patches or whiskers.

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Fallout 3.

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Agree about the power ups and the life bars.  That really, really threw me off after I've fed into the hype about how this game was going to be the Star Was simulator.  How they made this incredible technology to completely immerse you into the world.  They turn around and make an arcady hack and slash beat em' up.  It just confounds me.  It almost feels like they decided to go in a different direction after they got the technology down.  It's not a bad game.  It just doesn't use it's resources they way they had described they would be leading up to this.  As the opening post said, a lot of it just feels flat out archaic.  I feel like I'm playing a quality game from the original Xbox, not a game from 2008.

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Far Cry 2.

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pause422 said:
"I meant the arcade stick that you can get for fighting games, I'm sure they'll have one coming out with SF, and if not they make some really good ones. Straight up controllers just don't feel right with a game like SF..especially the xbox one with the terrible d-pad..arcade stick all the way."
AKA the d-pad from hell.  Seriously I think their design for the controller was for the d-pad to be the cheapest part of the controller. It's so incredibly useless it might as well not be on the controller.  The really funny part?  They're releasing a limited edition controller that has a much better d-pad with it, but it's no being released in the states.  Hilarious.
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pause422 said:
"Even a controller is the wrong setup for this game. If you can't use an arcade pad, I would say don't get it for pc....if you can , than have fun."
As he reminded me, you can use your 360 controller with most PC games these days.  I'd suspect this would be no exception.
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