50 Favorite games of all time (working list)

GB has fantastic list-making tools, so this a work in progress. Favorites, not highest quality. Certainly not in order or limited to 50 games at this time. Right now I am trying to group them as I add more for more direct comparison. Debating over whether I should limit games to the best in a franchise, or add multiples (Curse of Monkey Island, Secret of Monkey Island) and if I should add better versions or remakes of games that came out later (Secret of Monkey Island SE). I'll cross those bridges when I come to them.

Rules: 1) I must have played the game prior to the current numerical year (currently 2013)

2) I must have finished (or played "enough" of) Games in contention (subjective, but you know it when you've done it

Update: finished for the time being.

List items

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