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I Thought I was Done With This 0

In 2008, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV. Unlike the previous title in the series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game told a darker tale with a serious tone. Driving on the sidewalk held a consequence of conscience. Hiring prostitutes felt dirty. Every aspect of the open world served not the sandboxy bloodthirsty whims of the player, but the gravitas and reality of the story. Though there was some absurd humor, the story of that game's protagonist, Nico Bellic and his failure at makin...

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Immersion at its finest. 0

The premise behind Uplink is a surprisingly believable one.  The player is a hacker renting the services of the Uplink Corporation.  The principle services are access to employment opportunities and the use of a gateway, a proxy computer through which the player may take on his jobs anonymously.  Naturally, the Uplink Corporation wishes to remain distanced from the activities of its clients and will deny all knowledge of any illegal use of their services.   To minimize risk, the player is taken ...

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