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Just goes to show ppl,how some haven't a clue on Characters attributes. Argonians are water-breathing lizards, thats why I always choose them, the ability of breathing underwater without apparatus of any kind

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Well, thats a good reply, NOT What part don't u believe, I'm all ears? Hard to believe that all the posts on Forums totalling thousands of (according to the above posts) players whom have tried to play but can't because of bugs, hundreds of YouTube videos with the actual bugs screened shows me you either walk around blind to the obvious or just plain liars. Ppl love to complain about stuff, I suggest you google Skyrim bugs,all those thousands of ppl must be total losers, its very hard to live in your perfect world

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Level 55, since Xmas,5 days a week, 5 hours a night,with STEAM stuffing up my game at least 3 times a night

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In the Mehrunes Razor Quest, when you get to Mehrunes Alter, the Daedric Lords keep respawning at least 6 times, thats 12 Daedric Hearts for Daedric Armor

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Hi from Australia, well, where to start, I am 60 and been playing SkyRim since Xmas, Bugs, bugs, my God, the game is full of bugs, disappearing floors,soldiers without faces, your character without a face, merchants minus heads, full head of hair one minute, go out door come back in and he's bald, playing game and it disappears back to desktop, Steam box pops up saying your game is not in sync with Cloud, WTF, go through door and next your looking at your desktop, restart game again, I restart my game at least 5 times a night. Dragons can kill off important characters, like the time I visited Riverwood and the dragon kills the blacksmith ending quest. Some quests, after completetion do not disappear from quest box, I have two bounties that have been paid by the Jarl of HAAFINGAR but won't go to completed box. Do not pick up Attunemaent Spheres, they weigh 2 each and if you got 2 thats 4lbs of useless weight, can't drop them because they are quest items. If you go to Methunes Alter and kill the Daedric Lords, they keep re-birthing over an over, keep looting their hearts, very rare in game for Daedric Armour. Don't forget the flying dragon flying backwards, lol lol, and the glitches of walking through walls and getting every sword in Whiterun Companions Chest Don't get me started on STEAM, useless Company run by idiots