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Hah, personally my favorite part of space was bringing up people in a POB (I had a Nova Cruiser first then a YT-1300 I think) and grinding their space experience, I used to advertise in Mos Eisley to take people up and grind them, I met a few good friends doing that. Not to mention the time I looted the supposedly ridiculously rare (and ugly) Black Sun Helmet :D

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   So, SWG is finally kicking the bucket. I'm suprised, since last time I remember playing the game (a year or two ago) it was an utter ghost town, surprised it lasted so long. Kinda funny, back when they did the Matrix Online live, I asked them if they were gonna do an Endurance Run of SWG, they actually responded saying something to the point of "Yea, we'll do that when it gets shut down too".
   It's quite cathartic for me to be reading about the game shutting down after that and remembering all the good experiences I had in the game. It had a really awesome space combat component, one which I got really into, unfortunately it didn't have much depth at endgame, and I could seldom find someone to PVP with. I even came back to the game just to get the 8 player gunboats they released a couple years back, but there weren't nearly enough players left that were actually interested in the space component. Does anyone know if SWTOR will have a strong space component to it? That's the only thing that could possibly make me interested in that otherwise seemingly bland game.

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Here's a tip, rotate saves, I usually save my game over 5 saves, and when I save the game, I just save over the oldest save.

Also, DON'T use the auto save, it's been known to corrupt game saves, just save manually.

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Have you updated the game? I think the most recent patch is 1.7, you can get it on Bethesda's website. Second of all, open the launcher for the game, and there should be an option for "Data Files" click on this, and a box with some files such as Fallout3.esm should open up.

There should be a few other ones, Anchorage.esm, Broken Steel.esm, Zeta.esm, ThePitt.esm, and PointLookout.esm. If any of those are not checked, check them, that should enable the mods. You'll see if they are activated properly if you get new radio stations once you get back in game which give you new quests to the areas added in the expansions.

Hope this helps!

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Give people tools to create something great, and they act like 12 year olds, lol

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I've bought 40 hours of gametime from just selling 3 duplicates of the same car I made, it's not that hard to play the market if your good at designing stuff.

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I've only ran into a few people I think were aimbotting, mostly from TnB gaming.

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Hey does anyone play anymore or am I just always on at the wrong times?
The clan section of the friends list is always blank, and I've only seen Mitch and Prower on before.

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The online in Supcom2 is the best part, the campaign isn't nearly as much fun (at least for me). If you wanna learn some strategies or something you can send me a friend invite over steam if you have it. My account name is sergeantmustang, at least I think so xD
About that mission, those soul rippers killed me the first time, I was really close to the teleporter by the time it killed me, pretty annoying to get that far in a mission just to die right before the end lol.

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Well I will play at random times throughout the day, I'm in PST so really anytime during the PST daytime hours.
Get an organized roster up so we can see whos in the clan and whatnot.
By the way, I should buy a van and put the Giant Bomb Squad logo on it for when we do missions.