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Transistor is absolutely my favourite game this year. It blows Bastion out of the water in pretty much all aspects, for me.

The music, gameplay, story... just fantastic.

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I just want to know how Patrick actually predicted this. I never would have predicted this. It's pretty crazy.

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As for this year, I must ask where will the ol' Shoemaker filibuster be brought out this time? Are there any games that Brad really liked that Jeff didn't care for? I can't think of a ton, mostly because both Brad and Jeff have seemed really down on everything this year. Guess I'll find out in 10 days.

Well, Destiny, but I don't see Brad pulling out a filibuster for that one. He might not have one this year, but then he'll sometimes throw one in where you don't expect it (like the legendary Minerva's Den one).

I think I could see Brad trying to get it on the bottom of the list. Way down there though.

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@allprox: There better be! Hell, throw Danny and Rorie in there too, the more the merrier, right?

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I just wanted to add that the great Monument Valley isn't showing up for selection, which is disappointing.

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Awesome. I love when games do ridiculous things like this.

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Transistor all day, every day. Korb managed to make a better soundtrack than Bastion which is pretty amazing.

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This is interesting. I had this problem near the beginning of the year, but I've had no problems for months now.

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I'm pretty sure the quick look for this game is one of my favourites in a long time. Watching them work through the case was super entertaining and I wish they played more. Maybe another GBeast Play Date?

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I like his different tastes as opposed to the other guys, but after knowing him for a while now (I watched Game Informer for his entire duration there) I don't think I'd want him as a permanent part of the bombcast. I don't want to be mean, but I just don't find him as entertaining as the other members.