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I'm all for it. Why bother saying "It's going to suck as a film" or "There's no point in adapting it"? Just let them make the movie and we'll see how it ends up. I really hope this one actually gets made.

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Another problem solved!

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Definitely a weird one. It would have been nice if you asked David what games in particular he liked but I suppose it wasn't necessary.

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You're the best Rorie.

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This is awesome. I can't wait to see what kind of stuff Dan gets up to now.

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It would be so damn funny if Dan was working somewhere else in SF and we were freaking out over nothing.

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" ...That’s as far as you cake it in terms of development, unless you’re spending 20 years making the game..."

Just FYI @patrickklepek.

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Amazing work. The Nidhogg and Gang Beasts segments of the last few UPFs are some of my favourite GB content ever.

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All the best for him. I don't watch his videos. I actually despise them. But they bring entertainment to others, so who am I to say he shouldn't make the money he does?

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Honestly, this problem is my biggest issue with the site as it is now. It's even worse when sometimes it doesn't pick up where you left off when you refresh.