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This was a great idea! God I love the giant bomb community.


I go by the name bigpookie


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@PeasantAbuse: Thanks!

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So after seeing that mailbag featuring Rorie's eerie/adorable shirt and beer inspired by Vinny I couldn't shake the idea of special ordering some Casually Racists for myself from the Columbia Brewing Company. So I hopped on the Googles and did the best searching I could but I failed to come up with a hit in line with the info I gathered from the video. They say it comes from the Columbia Brewing Company supposedly located in Boston. The closest thing I got to that was a Columbia Brewing Company located in B.C., Canada.

The label work on the bottle does hint toward the possibility that this brewer may have a small local business with no intention of mass production but I bet if enough of us beer drinking/borderline alcoholic Giant Bomb members started flooding their inbox with product requests we may all revel in the smooth, crisp taste of Vinny's racism.

So does anyone know anything about this brewery out of Boston? Furthermore, would any of you buy their beer based solely on the positive reactions of the Bomb Squad?

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In that piece of crap movie "Percy Jackson & The Olympians:  The Lightning Thief" the character Luke is playing Modern Warfare 2... in the middle of a campsite.  That was the most unbelievable thing in that movie.

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You should have done some lunar advertising, even if your game was shit it still would have generated some sales.  Next time try Theme:  Post-apocalyptic Gardening, Genre: Reversi.  Works like a charm.

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@Mikemcn said:
" Wait wait wait. Is this an actual episode of This American Life? Because if its just "like" This American Life and doesn't have Ira Glass in it, im not getting involved. "
No it's not an episode of This American Life but it carries the same high caliber quality.  Although it lack a certain Ira Glassness I still strongly recommend it.
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If you answered yes to any of these questions then I strongly recommend listening to the podcast "A Life Well Wasted" found on iTunes.  It's an interesting show, very well edited about video games and the people that love them, well, that's what host Robert Ashley says.  If you want to get hooked listen to the episode entitled "Help".  I'm sure you'll find yourself subscribing and wanting more after you plow through it's six outstanding episodes.

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I was surprised that when I got to real vegas there wasn't a credit check before I got in.  You have no idea how big a sack of 2000 bottle caps actually is until you have to haul it across country.

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I just got back from a four day trip to Vegas and I can't wait to finish my work so I can get to playing some damn vidja games.  I've got Dead Rising 2, EA's MMA on gamefly but I think I'm going to stick to Fallout New Vegas.  I just need to see some raiders head explode right now. 

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Here's hoping it stops my amazing ability to lose my companions.