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Thank you for saying something on the matter. It may not change anything on a broad scale, but there needs to be a much stronger push-back against this kind of vitriolic poison that has come to the front of our hobby and passion. This push-back can't just come from the community. It needs to come from voices that matter, that have influence, and that frankly have a much more meaningful megaphone than the average reader's.

I love this site, I love this medium, and it pains me to see people have their safety be constantly threatened and to hear such awful nonsense just because they want to challenge this industry to be better and step beyond the borders of what we know games to be.

Again, thank you for not simply ignoring this topic, and atleast vocalizing your support for those affected, and your condemnation of those who would threaten the safety of others.

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@patrickklepek a note about the pricing scheme, both packs are $8 individually, but buying both drops the total to $12

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@kanerobot said:

MK is probably my favorite series, I've bought everything not named Special Forces and MK9 was easily in my top 5 of last gen.

Really questioning the choice to do the "multiple versions of each fighter" thing though. Not liking how that's looking at all.

Yeah, I'm not feeling that either. Like... it's interesting, but it's a layer I'm not super interested in engaging with when I finally pick this up. MK9 felt near-perfect to me, both on a nostalgic level and on a technical level. Slicing up characters just kinda comes off as disappointing.

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@m2cks: 4 years actually. By the time this arrives here, it will have been 4 years since the 3DS launch

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Also Duck Hunt Dog. HA.

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That finale was fucking crazy. Some BRUTAL takedowns this season. Also seeing Jinora slowly grow into a leader is awesome.

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Kojima is an instant turn-off...

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yuck, if this is true, i hope it flops. they should have learned from titanfall

You hope a game flops, potentially resulting in a ton of people losing their jobs, all because you're upset that a game is coming to a different system than one that you own? What kind of attitude is this?