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The problem is, commercial blurays are encrypted. As far as i know, programs that want to decrypt the discs officially need a license to do so. That's why you probably won't find any legal software that offers full playback for free.

Vlc/media player classic will play back the video files that are on the bluray once the disc is decrypted (with third party decrypters), but you won't get any of the menus like you would on a bd-player.

the only way i know how to play back bd's with full menus is to buy commercial software like power dvd.

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make sure to push the connector all the way into the wiiu. not sure if this is only a problem with the old wii sensor bar. but when i first setup my wii u (with my wii sensor bar) it didn't work, cause i thought the connector was all the way in, when it was not.

to check if the sensorbar itself works, you can also take a photo of it, and check, if you can see the ir-leds. (infrared light is visible on most cameras).

if that doesn't work, put 2 candles on your tv. they, too emit ir-light and your wiimote should pick them up ;)