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My GT is Shademonger as well. I am looking for enthusiastic and mature duders interested in organizing Grifball play as well as Forge tinkering. The new Forge tools are so robust and intuitive, I can't wait to see what the community can come up with this time around. I'm always at the ready to shoot some dudes in the face also. Cheers, bombers.

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I've been having a lot of luck with my Pointman loadout, especially on Fumigation. Here it is

Body Type : Speedy

Primary Weapon : Chaperone with expanded drum

Secondary : Motivator (Sucker for support classes)

Gadget : Care Package

Support : Targeting Goggles

Fun Facts : Wallflower & +Knife Damage (May swap out knife damage for something else since I usually eat people up with my Chaperone if I'm close enough)

Psych Profile : Histrionic

Toying around with a replacement for the Motivator since the Care Packages do real good work healing me and others most times...

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XBox 360 Gamertag : Shademonger

I've been playing a lot of Fumigation, with my primary custom class Pointman. Chaperone, Motivator, Care Package, Targeting Goggles, Speedy. Let me be your field intel and logistics specialist, won't you?

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I'll keep an eye on all the young whippersnappers.

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What we have here is an inventory rapist in the projects. He's climbing in your windows, snatching your diamonds up. So y'all need to hide your picks, hide your wheat, and hide your obsidian, 'cause they're rapin' all the inventory out here.

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@Massif: The map looks nice! I can see the Ziggurat nice and clear. That's probably all that will ever show on the map, as the rest of it is going to be built underground.

Also, who built the big bridge over the ocean?

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Crazy awesome to see all the new names and faces. Here's hoping that this new server map sticks and doesn't go wonky like all the other recent ones.

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It would appear that "Enderdragons" as it were, are supposed to be another life-form in the upcoming "The Ender" realm that can only be entered through portals naturally found in Stronghold locations. I'm sure from there it won't be hard to reskin them and make them rare boss monsters in the standard plane of existence, most probably tied to the area immediately surrounding a Dragon Lair biome or something like that. Should add a neat "boss fight" scenario, one thing that Terraria definitely has going for it over Minecraft.

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Build those fortifications tall, friends, and stock up on arrows. There be winged beasts coming....none are safe...

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So, it seems that mobs and animals are turned off, so food-getting is not the greatest right now. On the plus side, it is safe at all times of the day.