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so listening to scoops and the wolf looks like no quick look given I think jeff, brad and vinny even less of a fan than alex or pattrick

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given how busy the GB crew is what are the chances of quick look for this HD remake I guess its not high up on the priorities

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yes nintendo we get the whole direct to you joke

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my deepest condolences to his friends and family really this has shocked me he was such a great part of GB I don't really know what to say.

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So the reviews else where are good for Lego City: Undercover

Given the amount of coverage of the Lego games in the past, I am surprised they not done anything yet for it.

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is koch media owned by the those right wing billionaire brothers that set up that PAC?

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@DeF: a tip is that you can turn some of the coins into blocks as the P wears off by hitting the coins with gold fireballs

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the only issue is that you can get most of the these games cheaper from Amazon on pre order on the day of release. It like with Nintendo and there download of new games on the 3ds with pricing them at £40 even though i can get them for 10 pounds or more less at Amazon.

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@Gunharp: the wii U at least will support normal N at least out of the box.

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so still no N class wifi upgrade that nearly all newist devices have had for three years ?