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same issue it does not want to go through. Are people have issues with this outside of the US and canada ?

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yeah though in the UK it's well remembered by 1000s of software engineers in there 30s that started to program on them for the first time. My older brother started on one and he now senior engineer at a software company. Unlike consoles it was much more hands on though also much less reliable to work.

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ok does anyone have link to the redesign stream or will they be putting it up for subscribers soon?

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someone been reading the mid 20th century Marxist German historians of the city space. For anyone else I am talking about Walter Benjamin who i give props to the writer as really only people that did a masters in cultural history MA would really get that Arcades Project was his major work.

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stop fighting gentleman this a war room ;-) loving the dr strangelove ref

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Yay getting good flash backs from being 6 years old watching my older brother play these games on a spectrum.

Would be cool to see what they do with a remake given its being made by the same twins that programmed the original games.

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i still think things would have gone much better for them if they had sold out to Nintendo and become a second/first party dev. Though i guess that would have only happen if Nintendo had gone the HD route for the Wii.

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it takes this for some fifa coverage from GB

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Done the survey then. Hope you make the trip to the UK.

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sadly that patch size issue will keep on going on the WiiU as that it looks like it only going to have like 8gb of flash memory (this just talk though) but if its true I can't see nintendo allowing full game patches or large downloadable games out. Personally I don't think they will stay with 8Gb at 1080p graphics even downloadable small games will eat up that space in no time.