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good luck LA noire download content store in game is broken still i think downloading from the psn store still works but i hangs when you go into the in game store.

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video stream not working top men

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Patrick there is no way the ERSB would rate it even an M rated game given the what I read about the sex in the game. I don't think it would pass with it being killed on ps3 or xbox via a AO rating . It got an 18 cert in the UK but then that's the highest rating they give to games in the UK. Plus looking at the specs for it they much better than the PS3 or 360. I am going to wait till i get a new gaming PC my self.

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Yeah this sounds like a great idea though as some people have said it would be diffcult as food is very regional and that here in the UK it would be very diffcult to get a lot of the stuff that they would talk about.;

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Please add me Jeff (ok that sounds desperate lol )
My 3DS friend code is 1848 - 1659 - 0754
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I have only Pilotwings at the moment

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does the international date being first mean that there having to rework the game for the US because of cuts because of the ESRB and getting an M as it's a 18+ on PEGI.

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so still no news on GBA games on the 3DS eshop?

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yep the second concept seems not to be on the list for little big planet 2 ? I have looked at all the ones i thought of

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oh great the new government turning against the games industry in get rid of the new tax breaks that were going to given have really damged the devs and now more tallent will move to canada etc.

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that's what she said