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farewell 1up and EGM from across the pond

GB is now one of the few independent game sites that run professionally (than just being a fan site)

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does he not die at the end of the first film ? (sorry if that spoiller anything sue me :))

ok that as the trailer make out that it make no fucking sense what so ever

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R rated films are more like half way between 15 and 18 in UK terms though films can get a NC 17 for full frontal nudity in US while if a film in UK has little or no bad lanagaue and violence it could get away with that at a 15 rating. The thing is that NC 17 is death nail for film in the states while 18 cert in the UK is not as there been many action films like rambo and others that have been given 18 but still made alot of money but I can't remember is any NC 17 has ever been a big hit in cinama in the US. 

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that's one long podcast 2.5 hours

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though to be honest the thing that most scares me is that there no beer in the fridge :)

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Manchester United, England, Stockport County, DC United, England Cricket Team, Lancashire Cricket Club, Chicago Cubs, New England Patriots, Vancouver Cannucks, Chicago Bulls 

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yeah he was out on his feet during euro 2008 and I don't think he getting any younger and the prem is the most physically demanding league in the world (i did not say best that debatable) so it was difficult for him to keep going for the whole season.

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Ok I am a United fan as well so I kind want Berbatov :) though if anyone wants to touch me :) I went to Barca Vs United semi final at OT last season and good position to see scholes drive the ball into the net to win us the game. That night game was one of the best I have even been to in sports though 52 pounds (about 104 dollars) for ticket was expensive but that was cheapest ticket you could get. Though it was via my brothers season ticket.

Pessimist in me makes me think that United will under perform this season coming. There was some great games last season like Roinne back heal and others.

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though given the amount of players they are selling to Sunderland and others there going to need few more to replace them (espically if they sell  Berbatov to United)  Also you have to think that arsenal are going to bring in a few players unless wenger thinks he can win thing with his kids. :)

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Its the Italian word for Football(soccer) there is good book on the history of Italian football (soccer) called Calcio: A History of Italian Football by John Foot it is a good read with good background on the  deanglicisation of football (soccer) in Italy.

In such the location for the development of the word soccer is from association football that was shorted to soccer during the late 19th century.
The history of the period is interesting in such the class nature of the use of football and soccer is note able in such upper class people in England called (or in some cases still call) football (soccer) as soccer in such its not a pure Americanism.   

That the history of football (soccer) in the USA is long and varied and that during the period between 1880 and 1930s football (soccer) was a popular game before the rise of the NFL and with Collage American football really only taking off in post world war I in mass way in the use of Radio. That in one of the first international football (soccer ) games outside of the UK was Canada vs USA and that US OPEN cup (US football (soccer) federation version of the FA CUP) was first played for in 1912 (and still is today) along with USA FA being a founding member of FIFA.

In such there are places like St Louis, upper New York state, PA and New Jersey that have long histories that produced some good teams that had good results against English touring teams and even tour the UK themselves. However the USA FA were really bad at organising a League format  (though given the lack of affordable air travel and time it takes to take trains and drive in the US before the WWII it was always going to be difficult to copy UK model) In such there developed two pro leagues that competed against each other in the North East and Mid west in which they were successful with number of ethic based teams in the cities and work based teams in small towns and cites of the industrial new England and north east. However the depression of the 1930s kills most of these teams and then world war II took alot of the men away and when they came back pro American football got it self together while the in fighting and amateurism in US FA was getting worst.

It was not till the after 1966 world cup with TV coverage that football (soccer) started to make it way back in  the form the NASL days and the another cock up with that we reach MLS in 1996.
There is great book for people to read on the topic called Soccer in a Football World: The Story of America's Forgotten Game by David Wangerin just put into Amazon.

As a Manchester born and bread person I grew up in football (soccer) world but I find it interesting to see the movement of sports from across the world and how they change.

Though I you can guest I love football (soccer) but also watch baseball, American football, Cricket, Rugby Union and Tennis.