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maybe its because they would have to cut the game alot given the nudity in the PC version at least in the European version.

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so it Detroit then or Baghdad either of them would be intresting

unless pain keeps saying Hay 50! all the time  

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Holly Valance is ex soap star from Australia was in show called Neighbours and had a few pop music hits here in the UK and over there and now wants to make it in Hollywood as a actor. If you goggle her she not bad looking to say the least.   She was in the DOA flim (the worst film I saw in 2007 in fact the only reason I watch it was that I was stuck inside of backpacker places in Sydney when I was in Australia and it was national holiday everything was closed and it was raining It was the only dvd along with  teenage ninja muntant hero turtales the really bad latest live action version) So i watched it and almost had to smash my owen face in as my brain nearley shut down its that bad. It would have been fine if there had been better over the top action and T&A but its so dull with no plot .

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farewell 1up and EGM from across the pond

GB is now one of the few independent game sites that run professionally (than just being a fan site)

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does he not die at the end of the first film ? (sorry if that spoiller anything sue me :))

ok that as the trailer make out that it make no fucking sense what so ever

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R rated films are more like half way between 15 and 18 in UK terms though films can get a NC 17 for full frontal nudity in US while if a film in UK has little or no bad lanagaue and violence it could get away with that at a 15 rating. The thing is that NC 17 is death nail for film in the states while 18 cert in the UK is not as there been many action films like rambo and others that have been given 18 but still made alot of money but I can't remember is any NC 17 has ever been a big hit in cinama in the US. 

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that's one long podcast 2.5 hours

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though to be honest the thing that most scares me is that there no beer in the fridge :)

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Manchester United, England, Stockport County, DC United, England Cricket Team, Lancashire Cricket Club, Chicago Cubs, New England Patriots, Vancouver Cannucks, Chicago Bulls 

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yeah he was out on his feet during euro 2008 and I don't think he getting any younger and the prem is the most physically demanding league in the world (i did not say best that debatable) so it was difficult for him to keep going for the whole season.