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This game makes me very depressed. I loved Sacred 2. It was a deep, rich open world top-down adventure game that gave me hundreds of hours of enjoyment. It was like if you combined Elder Scrolls and Diablo. And this is just a shallow beat-em-up. Probably the most disappointed I've been in a sequel since Ninja Gaiden 3 was first released

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Fantastic game. But that one trophy...beat the game dying less than 15 times and don't use the architect. Now I love a challenge, but that's just insane

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I just pledged $10. I've never given anything to a Kickstarter before and I may never again (we'll see). I'll spend all the money I damn well please on dumb bullshit though and if you don't like it, tough

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I absolutely loved Fall of Cybertron a few years ago, but I've heard almost nothing about this game. Has anyone tried it? What are your first impressions?

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@lazyaza said:

I was shocked when I noticed this Buzz Lightyear figure just today has an incredibly Jeff-like face. Credit goes to user Alexander for the obvious edit. lol

Holy shit that's too perfect

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Because 3-2 is an abnormally high-scoring game

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Also, I'm pretty sure that Brad and Jeff would prefer not to host

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He's easily the best at it. Brad is is way better at reacting to stuff than he is initiating it and Jeff is too willing to go off-topic to bring the conversation back to where it was originally

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@shortbreadtom: The second generation (starting episode 10) is way better, even if the opening music isn't as good. Joseph is way more interesting than Jonathan. The end of the episode where he's introduced is one of my favorite moments in the series