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For me personally? Earth Defense Force 2025.

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Same as it is now. I eat what I want, so long as I make sure I only eat when I'm actually hungry and not just bored (this is key)

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I don't get why nobody mentions the blank card. Easily my favorite in the game, especially when you manage to find a sun or joker early on. I found a chaos card the other day when I had it Every boss died in a single hit. That's how I killed the Dark Room boss with ???

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Earth Defense Force 2025 is in my top 5 games this year

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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0_o that was EXACTLY how I beat it last night, too.

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That's just the beginning. Now, you'll be able to get to level 7 (rather than 5) and the boss there is WAY harder. After that, there's even more bosses that make the first 5 floors you beat increasingly look like a tutorial stage

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So yeah...never played the game before yesterday, but saw Patrick's whole series. Did the first two challenges, then beat mom (but getting unlucky and dying a few times in the process), and then right afterwards beat mom's heart AND Satan.

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I wonder when Mercury will show up if not in the next update. I know it's in the game (had a match on Mercury last week), and I'm pretty psyched to see PVE there

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In a normal game, I'd condemn it. However, the story of Destiny on its release is nowhere near the ending of the plot and it was never supposed to be. Bungie has said multiple times, and it becomes very obvious when you look at the ending in this context, that they are going to slowly expand the story over time with expansions and events. The raid that came out today is just about as long, if not longer, than all the main story (non-strike) missions put together. In a year's time, I think the storyline leading up to the credits right now will seem like little more than an abnormally long tutorial compared to what they're slated to release for it