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I do like Windwaker. But I've gotta go with Ni No Kuni. Damn beautiful game

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I still miss the basement they started in

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You're missing a few there. I personally enjoyed the mechanics of Pthumerian Elder the most the most (lower Hintertomb Chalice)

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For me personally? Earth Defense Force 2025.

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Same as it is now. I eat what I want, so long as I make sure I only eat when I'm actually hungry and not just bored (this is key)

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I don't get why nobody mentions the blank card. Easily my favorite in the game, especially when you manage to find a sun or joker early on. I found a chaos card the other day when I had it Every boss died in a single hit. That's how I killed the Dark Room boss with ???

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Earth Defense Force 2025 is in my top 5 games this year

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Atlanta, GA, USA

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0_o that was EXACTLY how I beat it last night, too.

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That's just the beginning. Now, you'll be able to get to level 7 (rather than 5) and the boss there is WAY harder. After that, there's even more bosses that make the first 5 floors you beat increasingly look like a tutorial stage