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As usual, Eve drama is hilarious

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I really, really, really wish I was interested in League of Legends. All my friends are into it. But I'm not interested. Like, at all.

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Kinect games for sure. Or something neither of you have played before, but is supposed to be good co-op. Trine 2 is great for that if you haven't tried it

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@grimmie92: You don't make people pay for stuff and have that be that. You allow people to earn it in-game, or skip 10+ hours of grinding for the materials to just buy it with real money. Or you sell experience boosters. Or other stuff that saves time, but doesn't give you something you couldn't get anyway through playing the game. What you described is exactly what I meant when I said other companies failed to make this transition by shoe-horning in the F2P features. Just locking out stuff with a gate you can only get through by paying money is not the right way to go about it.

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On the one hand, they're driving down traffic to their site from Firefox users. On the other hand, they're driving up membership by appealing to the very large "anyone who says anything bad about gays ever should die in a fire" portion of the internet. There are dickheads with terrible world views who are higher-ups in every nearly every company, and the Firefox product has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. It's like the whole boycotting Ender's Game thing because Orson Scott Card is against gay people. Yeah that makes him a bad person, but it also has zero to do with the movie which doesn't even mention any form of sexuality, gay or otherwise.

As a marketing strategy to drive up user numbers, this is a genius stunt on the part of OkCupid. I'm not saying that was their sole purpose in doing this, but it was certainly a factor. When you run an internet software company, you don't just stop supporting a browser on a whim because of a change in that browser's leadership, without considering every possible outcome.

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Save it. Properly invested, I could live (very well) off the interest alone for the rest of my life

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This whole thing is stupid.

1. He makes fun of bigoted assholes by pretending to be one. That's his thing. How is this even slightly different from anything else he's done?

2. He isn't saying anything against Asians or trans people or whatever. He's making fun of the people who use groups like that as scapegoats to drive attention away from other issues

3. That wasn't even him. That was some writer who maintains that Twitter account

4. All of this is moot because any subject at all should, and is, open to comedic satire.

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I always keep trying. I've rarely given up on something because of the difficulty, with the rare exceptions being harder difficulties in Japanese games (for some reason those are the most brutal). For that specific part by the way, if you can upgrade to explosive arrows, do that. It made that part a breeze even on the hardest difficulty