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Well I do believe in life on other planets, and there are objects in the sky which I can't identify so...yeah?  Do I believe in flying saucers and little green men with a human anal fetish?  Not so much.

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How wonderfully stupid

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I for one, loved the movie and am buying the bluray ASAP

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I do both at once

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Let me clear something up: never, ever watch the American version of the show.  The 4kids one is just about the worse thing anyone has ever done, and the Funimation version, while much better, is still pretty crappy.  The Japanese version is the only way to go on this.  I understand that you're reluctant to sink that much time into one thing.  Hell the only anime series with more episodes that I'm aware of is Detective Conan and I lost interest in that one about 30 episodes in.  I get that it's a large time investment, but oh god, it's so damn good.  In the first hundred episodes or so, they don't really tell you all that much about the world.  446 episodes in thpugh, and I can say with confidence that it's the most well thought out and interesting world I've ever seen in any sort of fiction.  I do love anime, but nearly all other series are crap compared to this one.

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Bojangles is fucking terrible

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I really enjoyed Huck Finn

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He was in Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

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I'm Ryan.  Dave-is.............heh....sorry

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fuck no