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Thank you very much good sir :)

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Hey guys,

Just hoping to take advantage of the great knowledge base here on giantbomb, I'm trying to remember the name of a game I played on PlayStation2, I think released sometime between 2003 and 2006. It was a 3D side scroller, but I believe took place in Russia and/or had a Russian theme to it with robots etc.

It was definitely a lesser known title, but if anyone remembers which one I'm talking about it would be greatly appreciated!


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@depecheload: Hit "Options" press "R1" to tab over to settings and the CONTROLS are like the first option.

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I just want to see where Red Faction ends up!

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I did indeed grab one, with New Super Mario Bros U.

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@Marokai: Yeah I found myself having to make all new paradigm sets just to beat specific enemies in the final area. I think in general we're still agreeing on the same premise here that the difficulty spike toward the end (whether its the last boss or final area) is something displeasing.

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Which for whatever reason seems to be standard with a lot of Japanese games, is a super hard final boss. Maybe I just suck, and am not a skilled gamer...whatever. But I played through the entire campaign with little or no resistance, and then the final boss was just way too hard for me. Not to mention you can never just fight the final boss and defeat him, he has to have like 3 different forms that you beat.

Eventually I just leveled up for an hour, and put the game on EASY MODE to beat it. I ended up beating the final boss on my first try after that, but it was still a somewhat long and drawn out fight that I just couldn't have seen myself beating on the regular difficulty level. Point is its just annoying how they ramp it up just for the final boss, as if the only way to have a satisfying ending is to make sure it's really hard to accomplish.

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FFXI is a grindy MMO like many, but its not as bad as it was upon its original release. There's lots of ways now to fast track leveling, and make things move a bit quicker. But yeah just depends on how Square Enix handles the release of the next expansion on Xbox360, they could do another Ultimate Collection that gives you the original game + every expansion + Adoulin, or they could just sell the new Seekers of Adoulin expansion alone, hopefully its a new ultimate pack and anyone wanting to buy it can get a full version without having to hunt for an old copy.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

I find the negative posts quite funny. A company supports their title to the fullest with zero negative outcomes for everyone.

Let's use it as an opportunity to bash that company hating EA is getting boring!


The game has a loyal fanbase still paying for the service, there is no reason to bash Square Enix for rewarding those long time fans with new content/updates. I still have my FFXI account and really do appreciate that the game has lasted this long for me to play. Look forward to grabbing this expansion next year.

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I'm still playing it and enjoying it quite a bit, it's not nearly as harsh as it used to be -- although still has some painful points, but in general its a great challenging, complex video game.