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It's nice to see a mini-review by a sensible person, so many of them are just praise fanboyism or hate hate hate. Maybe I'll buy this tomorrow because I dearly miss my Battlefield Moments.

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I can't believe you can submit a review with only a score. Seems pretty ridiculous.

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SW of Houston Texas
Works well with few buffering
I'm surprised so many of you have such great connections. I live in a small town SW of Houston and can only get 1.4mb tops.

I love the ability to skip forward in videos. I can now stop and watch the rest later but for people without a fast connection or is sharing a connection this could spell the end for them watching giantbomb videos. Youtube does it great, where people with slow connections can leave it to buffer but you can skip ahead. Best of both worlds!

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@AjayRaz:  whos that in your avatar?
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Please post them like this. Its so much easier to read.