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i've had this problem occur intermittently for a while but i havent said anything because refreshing usually gets me by. I'm only mentioning it now because i came here to post about the premium streams cutting in and out every minute for the past two weeks. It would be nice to get some instruction as to how we can help you guys verify the problem instead of weeks of silence

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I think they have moved Premium Bombcast to a new RSS. People were complaining that they were getting dupes being subbed to premium RSS and bombcast RSS. Check new tab under podcasts.

thanks, this worked for me. the premium RSS link on the RSS feeds page does not work, I tried it already this morning. I wish there was better communication about that, at the very least removal of the old link.

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Using Podcasts on iOS and i'm not seeing the latest premium bombcasts either. I can see all of the other premium shows just fine.

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@patrickklepek said:

@johnham said:

Real talk; if you think Leigh Alexander's "Gamers are dead" piece was meant to say literally that all gamers are bad people, or that all white male gamers are bad people, or that games focused on that slice of the market shouldn't exist anymore, you're either misreading the article (in good faith), or purposely misreading the article to drum up more hate.

Alexander's piece was about the widened scope of contemporary gamer culture. "Gamers are dead" is not meant to say that the people who've helped gestate this medium have no place in its future, it's saying that we, as a community of people who love games, have finally helped to usher this hobby truly into the mainstream. "Gamer" as a designation at this point is almost meaningless because from a certain age downward almost everyone knows something about games, and has played and enjoyed them. If you truly read that article with an open mind and read it as "hostile" to its audience, I would suggest that you shouldn't take internet thinkpieces about video games so seriously.

I also think it's really interesting that this piece has become a GamerGate canard, because it has literally nothing to do with ethics, at all. Even if the article was openly hostile and couldn't be read in any other way, how does that present an ethical quandary that GG feels needs addressing? Being mean to someone in an editorial isn't an ethical issue. The reality is that the "Gamers are dead" article is a loose, poorly considered pretense to harass another female voice in the industry.

That's what I've always thought was strange about this whole thing, too. The idea of "gamer" culture is dying, and it's a really great thing! We won. Everyone is gamers. Everyone will be gamers. We built this really amazing thing by nurturing it and supporting it for decades, and now it's growing up and it's going to do weird things that we don't expect. That should be something we get really excited about and embrace.

I guess if you're including phone games. The "core" audience is still the same. It's such a different thing to play a little time waster on a device you already own than to buy an expensive pc/console and play expensive, long games, that any statistic that combines them seems completely useless.

rangers517 is saying what I've said all along. There's nothing wrong with gaming becoming more mainstream and the audience becoming more diverse but lets not pretend that the diversity ends there. There are people who are ingrained in every aspect of the industry and there are people who only play mobile and social games. There are countless preferences and behaviors. trying to lump the entire market under one term isnt going to change that. Pretending that the term gamer never referred to specific types of people isnt going to change that. Not wanting to be associated with the historical gamer stigma isnt going to change that. The widening of the audience doesnt somehow mean that we all need to be homogenized. That's far from the spirit of diversity.

also its pretty apparent that gamergate is a poisoned well but the other side certainly has done plenty to shoot themselves in the foot. especially when they're siding with those who've been attacking the concept of "gamer" long before this whole thing blew up. I cant take either side seriously because they're both pretending that they arent siding with rotten eggs. And an article that just does what others have done, only shining a spotlight on one side, brings nothing useful to the conversation.

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Installed bare bones Chrome and I'm still not able to chat =/

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This appears to be a common and known issue. Brad said on the live stream that "Chat is up and down" and Jeff said "Since the chat's down...."

dont know what problems they're having on their end but chat has only worked a few times for me going back to the start of the beta. I've tried Chrome and Firefox Nightly/Aurora/Beta/18/3.6.28

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@Animasta said:

@shadow961 said:

If I cancel now, will I still keep premium status until my subscription end date?



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It is kind of a joke that they can't take 30 seconds to post a simple "We'll look into it".

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If I cancel now, will I still keep premium status until my subscription end date? Or is there a way to turn off auto-bill besides just canceling?

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