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World of- oh wait they are doing that 
hit- oh wait they did that 
final- oh wait... 
prince of- sht.... 
street- son  of a... 
doom-oh come on!!! 
well, i can't think of a single IP i want my views of it ruined by a terrible movie 
so i will say pong 
because it deserves one 

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The 100% pure awesome of starcraft 2, the 100% pure awesome of Kotor, and the 100% pure awesome of Half-life2
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you guys are acting like the only people that are commuting crimes in this country are illegal immigrants
fact is the majority of them are by people that are here legally
oh, damn....did i just prove you wrong?
ya i did!!!

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its the combine
i solved it years ago
no need to watch it

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actually there is alot against such ideas in the bible.
if we were 'created in his image' and that is the only reason we exist .
how could there be other life out there?
because if you think there are, and that god is the only way life can exist, you are contradicting yourself an believing  in multiple gods. 
thus is the great flaw of creationism.
now, that is not to say there is no god or any such thing, for i have no idea whether it does or not. but to say life is not random chance and evolution is just crazy
this world seems 'perfect' for us to live in it because we evolve in it and adapted to it over millions of years before we grew a brain
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@Willy105 said:
" @S0ndor said:
" @Willy105:  I'm sorry, but how is saying that everything happened just because some cloud creature wanted it any less crazy? How naive to believe that there is a single definitive answer for all things, to embrace the idea of a single god is truly just a way of giving up on trying to find logical answers to difficult questions. "
Well, is your belief any better? That this all happened because of a giant explosion? That before that was simply a singularity? When the universe is supposed to be XX billion year old, but other stars seem to be older by the same measurement? That there is no answer to these things, especially when scientists themselves can't agree?  Better to have faith than doubt yourself. "
but you seem to forget, mr willy, that belief in intelligent design is also the belief that we are alone in the galaxy
and i refuse to believe that there is no life in the trillions an trillions of stars out there
that would just be plain loco
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double posts

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Wishes he was half as awesome as i am

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im over here now
GS was nazi overlords an banned me for asking about a moderation
so im here now :D

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Get RDR, alan wake just looks boring imo