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The Uncharted series won me over about 2 years back and now my PS3 collection is probably just as big as my 360. Exclusive wise I just feel like Sony has brought a lot more to the table in the last 3 years. My 360 gets fired up now and then, but because Sony produces so many more exclusives I find I buy more multi-plats for PS3 as well since I just feel used to the system. Hopping from PS3 to 360 and back is kind of jarring.

So nah, PS3 has a ton to offer.

Its a little strange but what you just said is, the same exact experience I've had with my PS3. Baller !!!!!

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Ahh, hell why not. <>

Fortunately this diamond is conflict free, and you all know what that means. Open Season.

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Yeah this is pretty bad. Not new to gamers, but still sad.

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Favorite takedown involves a stab to the inner thigh. If you get it from the right angle it seems like he stabbing the guy in the  'balls'.   Its a lethal takedown from the front. 

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I don't like to trade or sell  any of my games to GAME-STOP.  They make a shit load of money from used games games and  purchase them for dirt cheap. I may be biased, but at least I keep the games that apparently cost  $2.50 cents from this Corporate sham.   
I'll just trade games with my friends instead.