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Hey people I missed the prime time of this game's life when multiplayer was very active. Is it too late to coordinate some matches with OpFp fans? I got up to the latest v1.96 and i'd be happy to download mods if ya interested.

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Emilio said:
"atejas said:
"Interesting possibility, but considering the zombies are totally different, nah......
I mean, how many zombie apocalypses can a universe go through?
What if its a parallel universe? And then the Portals start opening like PSSSHWAAAAH OH NO ZOMBIES!!

And then the Combine are like KRRRR HHHKK TAKE THEM DOWN!!!

And then its all like POW POW POW BOOOOM SHEEERROOOMMMMMM and a giant meteor crashes through some buildings like SHRRRBOOOOOM and everybody is like AHHHHHHHHHHh PSHH PSHHH PSHHH KRSHHHHHHH!!"
Your usage of sound effects reminded me alot of the Awesome series. Haha
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Hey was just passing through the forum. Here's a creature I made and really like.


I named him bellybutor cos it looks like he has many belly buttons in the middle haha.
By the way are there any special Debut release event for Spore in your part of the world and are you going?
I'm from Singapore and there's one that's only a half hour bus drive from my house and they're giving out Spore T-shirts!
T-shirt swag

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I just hope the fight scenes don't become to bland as after looking at the several gameplay footages out on the net, I am starting to see a pattern where the enemies are just going to walk in a straight line towards ya. I think Bethesda should have put more thought into the A.I. in shootouts cos the FPS shooting feels too ....gimicky? Either way I'm still getting the game for the IP.

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Another batch in need of editing from the Killzone 2 gallery.

That's all for now.

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man....I gotta big one for ya guys to edit. Every 2nd link is a duplicate. All images found in Killzone 2.

this is a special one. First link is better definition.

There's probably more duplicates but there's just too many to do it now at 3:32AM. Maybe I'll report em tmr.

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xavmeese said:
"My favourite is this German board game called The Settlers of Catan. You build settlements with resources you collect after dice rolls etc... It looks complicated but once you get the hang of it, it's awesome!!!"
Ever tried the expansions? You should really try em out, though your tactics will become more ruthless then when you played the original.
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The humour is pretty wierd but its still quite funny though I highly suggest you strap yourself to the chair cos this RPG needs alot of patience once you got used to the RPGs in the present. Once ya get the groove of it you'll love it!

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Scarabus said:

The only thing worse is when people chew food with their mouths open. F-ing gross.

Couple that with talking to ya is even worst urghh.....
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