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Procedurally generated content is one of my favorite... types of... content. Bloodborne!

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Never heard of him, but it's a shame nonetheless.

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I remember I played a game of Search and Destroy in Call of Duty 4 where the game ended as a win for both sides, 4-4. I can't remember which side I was on, but a guy managed to diffuse the bomb as the timer expired in the final, tie-breaker round and it counted as a victory for both teams.

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Luckily for me, most of the forums I used to frequent are gone now. For the ones that are still around, I doubt I would recognize my username on a thread, so I'm mostly safe from discovering any bullshit from my adolescence.

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Two Best Friends Play / Super Best Friends Play is one of my favorite groups, and I like a lot of the stuff the Achievement Hunter guys do.

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Diablo 2 has been my favorite for a while now, but Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Skyrim, The Last of Us, and Dark Souls came close last gen.

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I have played through Mass Effect ten times. I never had any of those problems. I played it on the 360, but still that seems like bad luck.

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Probably around 12 to 16. If they are good, I wouldn't mind a few more.

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I still think Diablo 2 looks great.