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So far that was my least favorite episode of the season, seemed like a real filler episode.

I feel the same way, but I still think it was a decent episode.

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Pretty decent episode tonight, although not a lot happened. Apparently Bran's storyline is different from the books, and I read that the ending was completely new. Pretty neat.

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Forbes reviews a lot of games. Erik Kain, the writer of that article, has written dozens of articles about Dark Souls, which he loves, as well as Dark Souls 2. Also, spoiler for the article, he likes DS2 and does his best to defend it against his colleague's claim that it's the worst game ever.

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Jesus Christ, can we stop with the debate about how bad rape is? That's not even the issue people had with the episode. It was about 1. a consensual sex scene in the book becoming a rape scene, intentionally by the showrunners/director/etc or otherwise, and 2. said rape going against the characterization of the raping character in both the books and the show. That's it. Just because Dany's rape was added to the show earlier on does not make this rape any more excusable, and some would argue it makes it worse because there is a continued addition of rape to the plot where it is both unnecessary and gratuitous.

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I like the art style. Good job.

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The team just released another development video the other day. It's looking good.

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Peeps fucking suck.

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Wrestling is super dumb and anime is sometimes less dumb. So anime.