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"Bombcast Watiting Room" already bumped up? I guess we really want ourselves a Bombcast!

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I am going to say Saint's Row 4 because I really liked many of the songs that that they had on the classic station and it seems like The Mix was crafted specifically for me. Not to forget that that moment near the end of the game with the whole sequence where you get the power armor and "The Touch" comes on, you get your powers and go after Zinyak and it's basically the best use of music in a game to date. OMG THAT MOMENT.

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Terminator, the Sarah Conner Chronicles. Not because it was the best show in the world, but because it completely breaks the fiction unless the cliffhanger is resolved. And it never got resolved. :(

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There was a time when PC games were more separate from console games and were kind of there own thing, only bound by the limits of what consumer PC hardware was prevalent at the time. (And that upgraded constantly, as it still does) It was during that time that shitty ports of excellent PC games were the norm, NOT the other way around, and PC lead the charge in all technical innovations. (except for wonky and terrible shit like the Virtual Boy) For many that was considered a "special" time, where if you were in for the (admittedly) rough upgrade cycle of 2 years (as opposed to 5 or 6) then you got some tailor made games with the latest graphics and and media technology. (PCs had CDROM a couple of years before the Playstation or SegaCD came out)

Me, I'm just a little disappointed that we haven't been able to move realtime graphics technology forward for 8 YEARS because we've all had to cater to the "current" console hardware. Maybe it was the games I got into? I remember getting to play Command & Conquer for the first time and falling in love with RTS games, or that first time I booted up Doom on my 486 and was amazed at how well it ran. ("My Super Nintendo ain't got shit on this!") Even the beloved Goldeneye lost its charm to me after I had seen Half-Life the very next year.

I do think that age of technological leaps is almost behind us now, so the only the that matters any more is what kind of games you like to play. Some games are always going to be better on a particular platform. (mostly because their genres were created with that platform in mind) Play what you like, own the console (or PC) you want, and have fun gaming, that's what I say.

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I can't even form thoughts. This is so sad. I loved Ryan, like I love all the GB crew. R.I.P :(

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I am one of those that you would consider a member of "The Cult of the GB Staff." I came here because that's where Jeff, Ryan, Alex, and Eventually Brad and Vinny showed up. I put tons of faith in what they do for this website, and I have grown to love the additions to the staff and what they've each brought. I would follow them guys around for the most part if they went anywhere (which I don't think any of them are going anywhere for a long time) but I have noticed that the community that has cultivated around this website has ended up (at least by internet terms) fair, thoughtful, somewhat enlightened, and definitely a very accepting crowd. Which are all things that I appreciate very much, and I'm glad to have it all associated with a website that I care very much about. I may not be an always active community member, but I do appreciate a lot of what goes on here, I've been here since the very beginning, and I can found watching most of the livestreams that are put on (whether or not I can be arsed to log in sometimes) and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon either. Keep on keeping on Giant Bomb, you're doing some the best work around. That goes for the staff and the community.

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Well, I'm really starting to wonder now. Is TNT going on? it was on the schedule.

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I think you represented yourself well in this blog post. I got the sort of vibe that you were going after, and it didn't seem to me that it was not genuine. If there are people that want to say that it was pretentious, or that you were playing the "different to be different" card, then I guess that's the way they are going to see it. I don't think you were trying to be la-de-da just for the sake of that kind of writing. I don't know, am I wrong?

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Also does anybody know why theyre redoing multiplayer. Does anybody really care about the half life multiplayer?

I did. Half Life deathmatch was what essentially got me into online multiplayer stuff. Well that and a few bouts of Command & Conquer over shitty modem connections, but that hardly counts.