PS3 Bundle with Uncharted 3

With the release of PS3's most anticipated game, Playstation will be releasing a 320 GB system with Uncharted 3.

From PS.Blog

This year’s most highly anticipated game is only 41 days away, and like many of you, I’m counting down the time until it gets here! To coincide with the launch, we’re bringing you the PlayStation 3 UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Bundle. This limited edition bundle brings together the action and adventure of UNCHARTED 3 with a 320GB PlayStation 3 system. On top of that, we’re giving you a month of PlayStation Plus, our premium subscription service that offers added features including automatic downloads and online storage for game saves, free games, huge discounts, great exclusives, early access to demos and priority beta invites, and full game trials.
Here at PlayStation, we’re always looking for ways to make it easy for you to enjoy our most anticipated games. If you’re new to the PlayStation family, there’s no better time to pick up a PS3 system. The PlayStation 3 UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Bundle will be available at retailers nationwide for $299.99,

'Catwoman' May be featured to have DLC in Batman Arkham City

To make a long story short, Guides are really good and can help gamers complete games and get all trophies or achievements (depending on if you're playing Xbox or PS3) to get 100%. However, if you have pre-ordered the guide and the game for Batman Arkham City there is some important information giving in the product details.

According to this, the game will feature four episodes where players can control Catwoman via downloadable content. That sounds really cool if you are a Catwoman fan. visit the source, neither Rocksteady nor WB Games have confirmed nor denied that Catwoman will be featured as having four episodes which she will be a playable character. So you going to pick up the guide and find the details or what?


Preview to Batman Arkham City Comic

Preview to the preliminary, and also probably required, reading for understanding the 18 month gap between Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City.  
Here is the preview: 

So who is getting the five issue mini series comic? 

What do you want to see in Batman Arkham City?

There has been one of these before, but arkham city or Arkham asylum 2, has not been talked about that much. So here we go again, "What do you want to see in arkham city?" 

 Welcome to the Madhouse(again)
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