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I had an interesting conversation with Grey Carter of The Escapist about this whole subject last night. My favorite snippets are these:

I believe Sterling also sided with Kain on this instance? It's odd that respectable journalists here are all face-palming hard at Kuchera.

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I honestly don't care what Kojima does so lnog ash e does something because here is the fact of the matter people need to realize: Hideo Kojima cannot make a bad game. He has easily made the best exclusive game this generation with a brilliant plot that ties all three predecesors together with the greatest choreography in any game or movie even. Not too mention the gameplay is top notch and runs flawlessly. Every game this man has been involved with was absolute gold. I don't question his methods, I just await a trailer.

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Black redefined the shooter, thank god EA didn't dump the franchise.

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All this talk about new consoles, I've only had my 360 a year. HALO 4! 720!!! PS4!! To al lwho keeps thinking about it, they just came out.... I don't feel like wasting anymore money on consoles for awhile.

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Sadly, it takes 3-6 weeks.

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You know the drill; click the link, comment your caption, chance to win prize.

I know you all are getting tired of this, however I also know everyone loves freesh*t. I am not trying to advertise, I get enough of that on site's like KHU and Gamefaqs. If you all don't want to partcipate, that's fine, no microsoft points or xbox live for you, but I will keep posting for the ones that do.
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TomServo said:
"um, are you asking for captions for that? Because if I had to come up with a caption it would be this: "don't f-ing mess with indian burial grounds!""

I am, but post them in the comments section on the article. Why? Because that is a winning caption xD