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I missed out on donating in order to play the alpha (would have contributed to the Kickstarter, but didn't learn about the game until March when GameInformer did a small feature on it), so I can not comment. However, watching some of the videos on Youtube along with what Big Robot is releasing media-wise has gotten me interested in the game and thus I have pre-ordered it. Looking forward to playing it when it does launch (perhaps next month, since several sources mention a possible August 2013 release).

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Until I hear more about this, I will be cautiously excited about this game. At least it has Deathstroke in it (as seen on back of GameInformer's magazine cover below):

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Awesome read.

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Hopefully something good comes out of this collaboration. I would love to see a Portal-themed or Half Life-themed movie come out of JJ and Valve working together.

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Sad news. Hopefully Vigil Entertainment is picked up by another publisher and the staff can find jobs at other studios.

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@JBG4 said:

Take my money Nintendo.
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Sigh...the release date just can't arrive fast enough. This game will be the game that blows everything out of the water depending on if Rockstar nails it perfectly.

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Borderlands 2 (although I played One Piece: Pirate Warriors the last time the system was on)

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Great article/feature, Patrick.

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Both OBLIVION (PS3) and Skyrim (PS3). I put over 300+ hours on two characters for TES IV: OBLIVION (Game of the Year Edition with the DLC) and another 140 hours on two characters for TES V: Skyrim in two of my most recent addictions to gaming. There was a several week period where I was playing nothing but OBLIVION, playing it as soon as I got home from school up until I went to bed. I would play it every day (2-5 hours on weekdays, 6 to 9 hours roughly on the weekends).