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Bag of socks

Guardians of the Galaxy (Blu-Ray)

Eight t-shirts (various logo, from VANS to retro Mountain Dew shirts)

Two gift cards: Dutch Bros Coffee ($25) and Target ($75)

Several checks of varying amounts

Pair of VANS shoes

Pre-orders for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Order: 1886 (both for PS4)

A 2001 #20 The Home Depot/Coca-Cola Pontiac Grand Prix 1:24-Scale die-cast race car (pictured below)

Overall, not a bad Christmas this year.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (having played every MGS game expect for Ac!d, Ac!d 2, and Portable Ops/Portable Ops+, I am dying to finally get to play this game. Ground Zeroes gave us a glimpse at where Kojima wanted to take the series for MGS V, and after watching the trailers and gameplay videos, I am hyped!)

Zelda Wii U (if it arrives next year, fingers crossed!)

Mario Maker

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Final Fantasy XV (originally Final Fantasy Versus XIII) (might not release in 2015, but I have faith in Square squeaking it in before Jan 1st, 2016 comes around)

Batman: Arkham Knight

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@frostyryan: I consider it necessary, if you wish to keep the chronological order of the story intact. It explains how the founding of FOXHOUND and The Patriots came to be after Snake's FOX unit that formed after the events of Snake Eater went renegade, as well as the inspiration of the military state Outer Heaven. I consider that to be important to the timeline that the OP should get caught up with story-wise so that when he finally plays Ground Zeroes, he will have a full understanding of the story up until that point.

Metal Gear Solid Timeline

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My Vote: Assassin's Creed Unity. Looked like it would be epic, but Ubisoft really messed up what should have been a fantastic game with terrible bugs/glitches, lackluster story, and other issues that still plague the game to this day (which Ubisoft tries to fix through patches)

Special Mention: The whole Gamergate mess that popped up earlier this year.

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I still play four nights a week on various servers. I have almost 1,200 hours since I started playing back in 2010 on my PC (and now on my iMac). I tend to spend 80% of my time on Turbine on the Skial (LA | FAST west coast server) and MiT (Made in Texas) servers, since in my honest opinion, Turbine is a fantastic map.

Anyone on here can find me online on Steam (ShadowKnight508, current gamertag is [KR3W] Ghost of Smissmas Past) and join me on Turbine or the other maps that I frequent (Badwater, Hoodoo, Goldrush, and Gorge) when I am not doing Turbine. I will warn you, however, that due to my work schedule, I tend to play really late at night (between 12:30 to 4 AM PST).

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I missed out on donating in order to play the alpha (would have contributed to the Kickstarter, but didn't learn about the game until March when GameInformer did a small feature on it), so I can not comment. However, watching some of the videos on Youtube along with what Big Robot is releasing media-wise has gotten me interested in the game and thus I have pre-ordered it. Looking forward to playing it when it does launch (perhaps next month, since several sources mention a possible August 2013 release).

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Until I hear more about this, I will be cautiously excited about this game. At least it has Deathstroke in it (as seen on back of GameInformer's magazine cover below):

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Awesome read.

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Hopefully something good comes out of this collaboration. I would love to see a Portal-themed or Half Life-themed movie come out of JJ and Valve working together.