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Despite what would be questionable activities and not really the bible as much as I should:

I'm proud to say, I'm a Christian and I love God woohoo!

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I've whored myself out to ever single on of those ads, from Statefarm to that Ice cream bar. I've never won anything

I just have bad luck :(

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I just go on twitter, I haven't even searched for my friends yet lol but you can still follow me and soon I'll start updating

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Hello all, my name is Steve I've been a fan of the site almost since its inception. I was a big fan of Jeff Gertsmann and sad to hear he left gamespot. Then I looked him up sometime in 2008 and magically I found Giantbomb and haven't looked back since.

I'm very opinionated about aspect of the video game industry but I never found a true site where I can find myself posting in the comments section or voicing my opinion, I relegate myself to lurking, browsing and laughing at funny comments. I'm trying to take an active step in the video game community because it's pretty much my passion and I love video games.

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@Floppypants said:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Week 1: Amazon $50, PSN $45 Week 5: Amazon $40, PSN $45, eBay Used $30 Week 16: Amazon $30, PSN $45, eBay Used $20Week 52: Amazon $20, PSN $45, eBay Used $10

This is my favorite post.

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Damn it's hard being a gamer on budget, if they're going against used games so strongly. Many times I find myself buying used games because, let's face it, games are freakin' expensive (and the used games I buy range from $10-$40). Or many times it's a game I'm curious to play but did not feel it was worth 60 bones. Locking people from playing used to games is ridiculous and feels like "Big Brother". Why I can't I lend my friend a copy of game I already finished, who are they to stop us.

And it's also a headache for those who rent games, I just started Gamefly around November and the first game I rented was Battlefield 3. Single-Player was meh..but when I tried to play multiplayer I had to put in access code and I totally forgot about that whole online gaming pass. Even though paying $10 dollars wasn't too bad, I wasn't expecting to spend money. Now when I'm choosing games to rent, I have to mindful that they do not require any online pass (like Arkham City).

I wish there was some type of agreement game companies can make with Gamestop (and the like) where they can make some money off these used sales as well.

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"And also like most other four-player arcade games that have come to consoles as downloads, this port will undoubtedly seem like a really awesome idea until you and your friends beat it in less than an hour, and then immediately forget about it like those digital copies ofX-Men Arcade,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game, andFinal Fightyou still have on your hard drive, yet haven't touched since the week you bought them."

When I was done reading that passage, I felt like Alex may have been a psychic...